Sunday 28 August 2011

Introducing Kev...

With no more alpacas due this year...we had the luxury of getting up at 08.30 hours this popping out in the PJs at 6 am to do the morning checks...not that I didn't still wake up at the crack of dawn...but it was nice to be able to just roll over!

Hoity's little boy is doing well. As expected, once he was warmed up and had some food in his tummy, he soon got up the strenghth to drink from his mum, when left to it. We have however been having a bit of a problem thinking of a name for him (I was sure Hoity Toity was having a female). Initially we thought we should have a Hollywood theme to Hollywood Attitude's cria, but it hasn't proven to be very inspiring. So far we have:

Alfie (fair enough...after the film)
Annabelle (could that be Annabelle's Party...was that a film?)
Magnum (Magnum Force)
Sophie (Sophie's Choice...I know we are stretching things)

So what to call Hoity's boy? Amanda was trying her best to provide prompts...what is your favourite film?..."The Hand that Rocks The Cradle?...Fatal Attraction?"...No doesn't help?

What about your favourite actor?..."don't really have one...hang on...what about that guy in Robin Hood...emmm...Kevin Costner...that's it!" ... "You want to call him Kev?" (no offense to Kevins but I had to agree it isn't the best alpaca name...bit like Alan isn't either...or know what I mean). Well we entertained ourselves but didn't come up with anything like a suitable name.

We then went on to trying to fine names with the initials HT after his mum...but in the end I have called him Quintos...nothing to do with either was going to be Iquintos after somewhere we visited when in Peru, but I decided to drop the I. seems to suit him...

Beck Brow Quintos

I had organised for the vet to come on Friday afternoon for a few herd health jobs: These included checking that Roma's jaw abscess had healed (before Westmorland Show...she missed Northumberland because of it); checking on Katkin's abscess site; Phoebe's sensitive skin (she has had hypersensitive skin since having mites last year and gets dermatitis); checking Hoity's ingrowing eyelash (much easier when not pregnant); and microchipping the cria. Unfortunately the initial appointment time of 2 pm got changed to 3 pm then eventually 5.30 pm...typical madness before a bank holiday weekend...hence the last 2 tasks have been left for another day!

It is the Blueberry Alpacas herd sale tomorrow. Breeders seem to be coming to Cumbria from far and wide. We will be going along to catch up with everyone and keep an eye on tomorrow!


  1. Great to see young Quintos commanding his new kingdom.(Much better image than Kev in green tights riding through the glen!) He is FABULOUS, well done HT.
    The newly qualified apprentice.

  2. Welcome little Quintos, you look like a pretty handsome little chap!

    I'd be interested to hear what your vet advises for Phoebe as we have a white girl with the same issue and she just scratches till she's to break the scratch/itch cycle? Predniderm has worked previously but she's pregnant now, (well we hope she is!), so we can't use it this time and we have tried everything else in our "sensitive skin toolbox"!

  3. Quintos looks a fine chap now - hooray!