Monday, 15 August 2011

Banksy at work...

I gave myself the day off on Saturday...arguably a bit of a bus man's holiday, as I went off with a bag of alpaca fleece in tow. Yet another course (I am known to like courses) this time it was nuno felting. Julie from Hesta Scene  a textile artist with a special interest in working with alpaca, was our tutor for the day. She did an excellent job as I have to admit to being rather pleased to have produced a very nice scarf. Having just purchased 600 fleeces I think I will have to come up with something less time consuming though! I have realised the fatal flaw in my alpaca wear business...there is only one of me...might have to have a thinks!

Paul was left at home in charge of things. Hoity Toity is now 346-days so he was instructed to keep a good eye on her. As Paul thinks that all white alpacas look the same I thought that I would help him out in the identification challenge:

Hoity has a small sore...about the size of ten pence piece...possibly smaller...unfortunately Hoity kicked out and I moved but forgot to take my finger off the aerosol button!

Paul and St. Patrick were away mobile mating on Sunday. It would appear that St. Patrick got all three of the females pregnant that were mated on the same day a couple of weeks ago. As he only had two matings on Sunday, we didn't give him the day off today as we would normally do! This evening he had a date with Parisien, who sat nicely for a maiden, watched by her new owners who had come to see what it was all about.

Snooty Boots is coming along well. She looks so diddy next to the other cria. Here she is with Fendi, who belongs to Amanda and was the first cria born this year. Boots is very careful not to get any drips on herself whilst visiting the poo pile:

Boots visits the ladies with Fendi...girls always go in twos!

Magnum and peas in a pod and best friends too


  1. Very clean fields those - I see not a trace of alpaca poo! No wonder Snooty Boots is so fastidious! Must get out there and clear my fields up tomorrow!

  2. It may be a small sore to you, but that anti-bacterial spray stings like @@**##! Neck wrestling looks such fun, doesn't it?

  3. Very impressed with your garment production side of the business. Looks like Magnum & Alfie have managed a reef knot!

  4. We put some spray on one of Fidget's back legs after he got a small nick and he could see the colour and started running around in circles looking at it as if it was a strange beastie crawling on him! The rest of the boys kept coming up to the spray and sniffing it too. Nice photos by the way Barbara. Shirley & Robbie

  5. I did a course with the Nuno felting but found it far to messy and time-consuming and a knitted scarf looks much nicer!! I think weaving is the quickest but it's just finding the time! Don't these "poorly" crias take it out of you?!