Thursday 4 August 2011

Cria constipation...

All credit to was Paul who noticed the has been said (in all fairness, it was said by me) that Paul has a similar look when he is annoyed...but sure enough Paul spotted that... Max was indeed...constipated. Poor little man was straining over the poo pile without result. I had a little trouble finding the correct choice of washing up liquid...wasn't sure about antibacterial and surely lemon scented was unnecessary...but I eventually found a bottle of plain old traditional green Fairy and administered a warm soapy enema to him (Max not Paul ) on Monday evening. And along with a few fairy bubbles, we had a good result.

However yesterday he was back at the poo pile straining. This time I tried a Fleet has never failed before...when used in hospitals one always ensures that the facilities are very close by...yes works that quickly. But no; he is passing a small amount of tiny very hard dottles but we haven't got to the bottom of it yet (pardon the pun). He has had some pro-biotic yogurt and some warm water with electrolytes (yesterday was very warm and he really wasn't drinking as much from Mum as he normally does). Hopefully things will start to move otherwise we will have to rethink. Possibly an oral laxative or a Microlax maybe other options. Suggestions welcome.

Both Rumour and Max have been a bit 'off' post their Lambivac injections (a live vaccine against clostidial disease) may be just a coincidence...however both had rather difficult births...I wonder?

Whilst watching Max in the paddock I took along both Velvet and the camera:

Beck Brow Magellan and Synergy...always looking for trouble

Checking out Velvet who is at my feet (very unusual!)

They decide to send in the new boy Magnum to check things out...

Oops...Velvet sees an opportunity (Max in the background trying to make a deposit for the poo picker)

Beck Brow Finesse...trying to look mighty in case she is to be posted (comments previous blog)

Young Punk Annabelle


  1. Hope you get to the "bottom" of the constipation! For us a little warm water enema usually does the trick or you could give her mum some cooking apples!! Seriously, last year we had a problem with diarrhoea and it turned out to be the Bramleys windfalls we were feeding the mothers!! Stopped the more trouble, so maybe try it in reverse?!

  2. We have had constipation for the first time this year. Poor Spadicious was struggling, fairy liquid worked the first time but the constipation returned.

    Liquid parafin was recommended and that has done the trick. He has gone from rock hard bullets to normal healthy poo.

  3. Spooky Debbie...I have just come off the phone to invite my parents for tea and to get some liquid parafin on the must have been writing your comment at the same time...cheers!

  4. That's a fine looking bunch Barbara - but an invitation to tea at the Hetheringtons followed with "...bring your own liquid parafin...", I'd be wondering what you'd be serving. Young Punk Annabelle doesn't need the extra ear and leg does she?

  5. Sarcasm gets you know ! Hope the liquid parafin does the trick......Jayne