Monday, 22 August 2011

Just get over it...

I have needed a prescription for cria therapy over the weekend...the need to keep things in enjoy the uncomplicated life of sitting in the paddock with the alpacas. Sometimes you just know that you have been had...but there comes a point when fighting for justice just isn't worth the stress. 

An engine management light came on in van last month, this was within the 3 month warranty supplied by a local garage...garage tells us just faulty sensor...sensor time van is driven warning light returns...van now out of warranty...yes you can guess the rest. In short the van needed a new turbo (an intermittent fault so difficult to detect we admit) but was obviously the cause on the original problem. On the bright side the Volkswagon garage were extremely helpful...even offering to cover the costs if we had a full service history...unfortunately the 'full service history' that was supposed to be with the van...appears not to be so full after all...I am now £1200 lighter...arghhh.

That's it...forgotten. We kept ourselves busy over the weekend. Paul has been putting a new roof on the portacabin (that dad kindly painted earlier in the week). This is going to be our education centre (okay its a box...but best think big!). I will post a photo when complete (could be a while).

Paul has also been doing a bit of topping. We are really struggling to keep on top of the grass this year. The alpacas are most definitely on the generously covered side. We even had 3 acres made in to large bale silage and taken away over the weekend.

I had to catch up on some domestic duties (boring but essential) but kept giving myself some time out to enjoy the cria:

Rumour Has It...such a sweet girl (sire EPC Top Account of Fowberry) and sister to Explorer

Boots (sire Waradene St. Patrick of EPC) continues to be our biggest poser

Can you spot her...everyone else is watching Velvet...but there is boots; centre looking at the camera.

I think that Boots must be the most entertaining cria that we have had born here...she is so friendly but at the same time quite full of herself and is always at the centre of everything. The next 3 photos are not of very good quality but I think sum up her spirit.

Getting stuck in with Rumour

Slight disadvantage being short

but ideal height for the jugular...

And finally another favourite playmate of Boots'...Magnum...he is so sweet despite Boots giving him what for!




  1. You can get most things into perspective with a bit of cria therapy...they just make you forget the "niggles"! That Boots looks quite a character...she obviously knows that, with her breeding, she'll get away with anything!!

  2. Rumour Has It and Boots look absolutely stunning!!

  3. Cris therapy definitely needed!
    Boots has got such lovely eyes!

  4. What beautiful crias.... never mind about the problems of life, just look at those!