Monday 29 August 2011

The Blueberry Alpaca Herd Sale....

Today was the day...the auction sale of the prize winning Blueberry Alpaca herd. Jim (Dent) a well respected local breeder had been talking about having a sale for a couple of years, so us locals had had plenty of notice. However the turn out was far from being Cumbrian, looking around I spotted breeders from virtually every county in the UK!

I had already been to look at the herd prior to the sale so had made my choices. No need to go early. Plenty of time to do my my hair?...Paul is wondering why I need to do my hair to go to an auction..."just in case I get my photo taken"..."get your photo taken?"...."yes when you buy the most expensive alpaca you get your photo taken!"....I got my photo taken!!

Someone new to alpacas actually bought 31 lots; we only bought three. I call them the expensive one; the very pregnant one; and the black one. All young girls with lots of promise. I will tell more tomorrow as I need a glass of red to celebrate, but we got what we went for, okay at a higher price than anticipated, but purchasing the alpacas that are in demand must be a good move...I hope!

The black one; The expensive one (centre...she is just fab!); and the very pregnant one (didn't I breath a sigh of relief about the birthing season being over too soon!)


  1. Well done Barbara and Paul. Your new girls look lovely and we are so pleased that half the sale went to one new owner; so most girlies going with company. G says to tell you, he has captured the photo and enhanced it to read the tag on the middle girl!?!

  2. Good one Graham...but I think not...and you still need to guess the price...a record for this years' dispersal sales I think!!!

  3. Congratulations on your new purchases. They look stunning.

  4. Congratulations Barbara!.....on your new purchase.....don't have to guess the price ...just have a look on the auctioneers Web page !!!!! Its posted...all over it !!......that's the last time you'll be shopping without Paul !!..........Jayne