Friday 12 August 2011

Beck Brow Snooty Boots

All credit to Lady Gaga she did pick a fine day to give birth to Snooty Boots. However, ever since then the weather has been doing a very good impersonation of November. Not only has it rained relentlessly, but the wind has been blowing a gale. Not the weather for a premature cria to be braving the storm. Hence, Lady G and Boots have been tucked up in the barn for most of the time. With plenty of hay bales for draught proofing and a heat lamp, they have been snug as a bug.

Lady G has rather liked having the executive suite to herself. She was happy to have the others in view, but definitely wasn't looking to share, especially when new mother rations were on offer. Hoity Toity did hang around, showing great interest in the new cria, but Gaga was giving her the cold shoulder, with shoulder pads to boot...more hoity toity than Hoity Toity herself I would say!

Boots is doing well. She was very tired for the first couple of days. She wandered from under the heat to be fed then got her self positioned back in the warmth. Velvet is totally in awe. Amasingly Gaga is just letting her go and sit beside Boots but keeps a good eye on her.

Despite the drizzle Lady Gaga and Boots have ventured up the field this morning. Boots has gained a little weight (300 gs) and is now up for a bit of romping around. Here she is, a bit damp and wearing 2 coats to keep warm:

Beck Brow Snooty Boots (sire Waradene St. Patrick of EPC)

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga with Snooty Boots (need to put the tape back on those ears!)

Doing an impersonation of Eric and Ernie (Morcambe and Wise...okay you might be too young to remember!)

Did someone say something about the 'Cat's Pyjamas!"

No I'll stick with Snooty Boots!


  1. What a lovely little face Snooty Boots has!
    I have experienced your rain and weather and it is quite unbelievable at the moment - good job it is such a beautiful area with such nice people!

  2. She looks gorgeous...2 coats eh...must be cold in Cumbria! I do think she should have a gold coloured coat with an ostrich feathers truly reflect her status!

  3. Snooty Boots looks absolutely beautiful! What a lovely colour. Bet you are so proud!

  4. Two coats indeed....for Snooty Boots....what with this weather..I think an umbrella might be just the right accessory....!!.....lovely to see her nice and snug.....after all...she is such a valuable little one !......I think we allcould do with some warmer weather, after is supposed to be summer !!!!!!!!........Jayne

  5. Who might be too young to remember? Who?