Sunday, 30 October 2011

Alpacas Field Shelter mark 3

I am afraid my blog posts have become a bit infrequent of that the birthing season is over and the alpaca shows are all content is lacking. I could tell you that I poo picked for over 4 hours on Wednesday (3 times I had to empty it...Paul was nearly impressed!) and sorted fleece on Thursday and Friday for 5 hours and 6 hours respectively...I also went to Tesco's... but you really wouldn't want to know.

Actually I went to Tescos to get a passport seems that the photo on your driving licence is only valid for 10 was obviously a mistake having the licence run out on the year of a big birthday...I was depressed all know how it is in those booths...all photos are exactly the same...soulless. Well there I had in front of me the 2 aged 40 and one aged 50...exactly the same...same lack of expression...same hair style...but just more saggy...maybe I should have adjusted the seat a bit higher.

I won't share with you the scary sight...even if it is seasonal...but instead a pretty face belonging to Parisien. Parisien is actually sold but is staying with us until early next year.

Beck Brow Parisien

Paul has been busy doing something useful...putting the roof on the field shelter that has been half finished for a couple of months. This is the mark 3 version of our shelters. The first one Paul constructed had a solid coated metal roof...but the alpacas found it rather dark. The next one had a plastic see through roof...but the alpacas found it rather warm when the sun shone (I know it's sounding like Goldilocks)...the mark 3 version is half and half...providing shade and light...the alpacas like it!

Paul finishing off the field shelter roof

I have been looking back through the photo archives today...checking out how the cria looked last year at certain ages (I was really wanting to compare Explorers fleece with Rumours at the same age)...and I was surprised to see how dark Poppet was when she was born...I did register her as brown...she won the Champion Fawn Female at the YAG show...amazing how they change?

Poppet (Beck Brow Paige Turner)

Poppet at a few days old

Paul has just come in to tell me is ready to help with the drenching...Fasinex for prevention of liver fluke so must go. So as I said not a lot to report but all good...sold quite a number of our throws and scarves...and it hasn't rained all weekend! I will finish with a couple of photos.

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga

Easter-Wood Adelle (again!)...Dave did ask how I got the alpacas to pose...answer Velvet!


  1. Parisien is absolutely gorgeous...I think she is probably the prettiest alpaca I've ever seen!! I'm soooo envious of your amazing photography!

  2. Wow that is some change in Poppets colour isn't it.

    Paul looks like he has shelter building off to a fine art now.

  3. Yes, I thought Velvet was your 'secret' assistant - if I allowed our Pixie in the field, she would be off like a shot into the next field! so I try to gain the alpacas attention by making strange noises and waving my arms, which clearly doesn't work!

  4. Now come on Barbara, don't let the side down....I hope you also helped in the field shelter construction....!! there is no excuse....those alpacas are far too beautiful, to get any work done, I don't know how on earth you manage to get any chores done !!....but its a great way to spend the day.....admiring your alpacas...its a full time occupation !!.......Jayne

  5. pictures of Velvet?

  6. Now Jeff it's them glassses of yours...Velvet is in one of the her usual pose of just about to run off somewhere (clue she is helping Paul with his construction work...sorry Jayne not me!)

  7. Yes, Parisien, isn't she the one I asked you to send to me? Gorgeous Daaahling!