Wednesday, 19 October 2011

An ill thought out plan!

How do you take a photo that makes a box look interesting?...get a professional in?...mellow lighting?...add a few props?...try again tomorrow!

I have been trying to take some photos of our packaging (the boxes are not too fancy...presentation is important...but not more so than the product! a simple approach was taken). but I have to say my attempts looked pretty boring... and as I didn't have a professional to hand...I went for the prop option.

I really hadn't thought it through...just thought if I put a couple of boxes in the paddock someone would come and investigate...a cria ideally...and hey bingo...a photo for the website...No...not that easy!

Okay I got everyone's attention...but not quite as expected..."it is just a prop Magellan it is empty!"

Like son like mother...Chaska checks them out

Inca Van Dieman Chaska...thinks that I am can see it in the eyes!

Quintos then tries to untie the knot...just stay there Quintos whilst I change the lens...we need to be able to see the label...

Oh no...just a nose and a blurred label

He did try to be a good was the photographer who failed...

How about we do without the props...some artistic shots of labels will have to do!

Where does the day poo picking done today despite fine weather. Tomorrow will be a day of really must...I have to tidy up...I have some important arrivals coming at the weekend. Yes Easter-Wood Metisha and Easter-Wood Adelle are heading North on Satrurday...I really must have the paddocks clean for them (I will also try to tidy the house for Jeff and Sheila but we will see how the time goes!)

On the subject of visitors... I got a nice surprise last Friday...I really had to do a double take...a car came down the drive...and out stepped...Les and Rob from Wellground Alpacas!...Just passing on their way back from don't get many folks dropping in round these parts...being in the wilds and really was great to see them both.


  1. Great photos as usual Barbara! We are both looking forward to seeing you on Saturday as are the girls!

  2. Fickle creatures, these models y'know! Lovely pics Barbara. Shirley & Robbie

  3. You should have put some nice carrots inside...empty boxes, now that's mean!

  4. The old adage of never working with animals (or children) just isn't applicable is it ? - that would miss the whole point.

  5. It was great to meet you both at last. You have some lovely alpacas.

    Rob n Les

  6. No wonder you got no work done....playing photographer with the alpacas....much better than poo picking anyday.....great photos and just goes to show......quality attracts attention !!.........Jayne

  7. Don't give up, the sun is shining again, you get out there and you'll get the perfect shot - given 4 or 5 hours.