Thursday 13 October 2011

Do alpacas like bananas?

I have to say never pays to be a smart a a#5* (not sure if that is spelt alec or alex). There was I suggesting to Mark that leaving a gate open was at best rather silly (if very amusing in his case)...something that I had done once but wasn't going to repeat. To be fair I didn't do the going in one gate and out of another... I thought that I had closed it... It was when I saw Hollywood (who had been seperated yet again for fighting with Almost Illegal...he does not start the is just that he is so big he finishes them!) in with Legacy and Snowstorm... Legacy is at least fourteen years old (I say at least because he was imported from Peru, with a January the first birthday...usually meaning that they really don't know the date of birth). He is getting on...he is much smaller than Hollywood...he is the fighting!!

Hollywood (photo not taken it seem like it has rained for ever, our alpacas have never looked such a mess).

After last year's debate over vitamin paste versus vitamin injections, we now have both on farm. However today, as they like the taste of the paste and therefore it is easy to administer, Amanda and myself thought that we would give the first dose as paste...well that is what we thought...has anybody else tried the new eggs-port is bright is too tastes of bananas (they tell me)...and the alpacas hate it (some were actually retching)...we quickly moved on to injections...and I will try to get a refund on the unopened tube...why do they change things...

With all the photos of barns, house building and studios on the blogs...I thought that I would share my little effort...the portacabin (I should have done a before and will have to believe me when I say it is much improved...and about 30 years old). It still needs some steps but is no longer an eye sore. It is to be our teaching and meeting venue. Lots still to do inside so it will be next spring before it will be up and running (it is now full of fleece!)

A work in progress...The Education Centre!


  1. I could live in that portacabin - in fact I am now dreaming of Gingham curtains and window boxes!

  2. Very neat Barbara - how did you find time for that, with so much time taking photographs of the 'pacas?
    I would throw my hat after the 'Smart Alec' version - no idea where it comes from - lots of phrases come from Shakespeare.

  3. I like the portacabin....I can see an extension Beck Brow take over the world !! of alpacas......I also could live in there, with or without the curtains...a nice little log burner and a hammock....what more do you need ! and very little housework....sounds perfect !.......only one problem.....I can't see any mud !!.......Jayne

  4. If it's missing next week you know I am living in it!!!

  5. Can Americans come for visits?!!! Love the "education center" as well as that gorgeous shot.

  6. Of course Americans can visit...not sure we will have the gingham curtains up for a while though!!