Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Little Boots and Large Wellies...

Little Boots (Beck Brow Snooty Boots) will be three months old next week...she weighs 16kgs...she has weighed 16kgs for 3 weeks in a row now...I wish that she would put on some weight.

Whilst poo-picking today I was keeping a close eye on her. She spends a lot of time muching grass (as seen in the photo) and she plays with the other cria (in fact is one of the more mischevious). However I didn't see her feed from her mum (so not overly hungry as not feeding too frequently?). Lady Gaga (mum) does have some milk but not lots (she is on supplementery rations). Boots really tucks into the hard feed (Camelibra) and fights her corner for her share. She has never been bottle fed and fell out with me for sometime when I  tried to give her some goats milk this way. She has perfect little coffee bean poo (slightly green in colour from the grass rather than milky) and it is parasite free on testing. She has had regular vitamin and mineral supplements. I really can't think of anything else...maybe I should stop weighing her...as she appears perfectly fine!

Whilst I was watching Boots the other cria took the opportunity to check out the quad and poo picker...I can't believe how big some of them are now.

I am afraid the photography isn't great today. I give the following as my excuses;

  • wet alpacas
  • poor light
  • lack of time
  • no Velvet

Okay blaming ones tools is poor show. But I do like some photos to cheer up the blog, so here are some soggy looking cria:

Beck Brow Rumour Has It (the double of her mum Cambridge Camilla ... dam of  Explorer)

Beck Brow Synergy her half brother (starting to look very macho)

Beck Brow Finesse (looking a bit macho too!...sire Legacy of Purston)

 And finally the view from the girl's paddock.  Unfortunately the photo does not do it justice as the colours are beautiful at this time of the year. 

Talking of seasons I have decided as it is the 1st of November it is time for the 'winter wellies' to come out of storage...these are the padded Aigle ones...a bit early...and yes my feet were rather warm today. The reason for the early change over?...my summer wellies...are 2 sizes too big. Green Hunters size 5 were requested (no need to try them on I have been buying them for years). It was only after I had worn them and walked through the usual poo etc (they did feel a bit loose) that I double checked...I had been sold a size 7 (think this may be US 5?). Well as they cost 50% of my summer clothing allowance I have had to endure them all summer...with thick socks...very annoying!


  1. We come in all shapes and sizes so perhaps alpacas do too?! Maybe your Boots and our Ebony are just destined to be tinies and ...why not...everyone loves the tinies!! We give her a lamb milk supplement with a good dollop of creamy greek yogart and she still fights us!!

  2. Boots looks to be a perfect little alpaca, destined to be a model like her Mum. Rumour is just so appealing and adorable!