Sunday 6 March 2011

Lady Gaga gets her audience...

Yesterday was the big day...the day that the main herd were to meet Lady Gaga...and she didn't disappoint... She pranced into centre stage like the lady herself:

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga

The girls just stood and starred...who does she think she is?...nothing was being given faces all round!

The audience!

Eventually Honaria decided to check her out. What's with the fancy pants? Bonita was given 'the look'; no autographs today thank you:

'Fancy pants'

Caramella and Stanstead (Amanda's girls) got checked out whilst Pepsi Lola dared to approach Lady Gaga, tail flipped back in submission.

Pepsi Lola joining the fan club!

No messing with the girls; Lady G goes off to flirt with the boys...causing mass hysteria...St. Pat got rather confused about who was the competition and went after Nimrod, one of the wethers. Whilst Hollywood and Almost Illegal fought for the girl.

St. Pat and Nimrod

Hollywood and Almost Illegal with St. Pat returning with a mouthful of Nimrod!

We did initially wonder if she had slipped her pregnancy, but she is obviously just a dreadful show off, for as soon as any of the boys sniffed 'where they should not', they were well and truly put in their place; "don't you know who I can look but don't touch!"

Katkin still isn't quite herself although the puss appears to have drained from the abscess and she is rather more active. She will get another shot of antibiotics and we will keep a close eye on her. At least she has enjoyed the sunshine today.

I have been getting some things sorted for The Futurity; making sure Paul has a clean ironed dress shirt, as well as a white shirt and black trousers for the ring; making sure we have stocks of disinfectant, hand gel etc; as well as all the alpaca requirements. Much more planning than a trip to India! This time next week it will all be over. The only thing that is guaranteed is that generous amounts of sparkly will have been consumed, be that in celebration or otherwise!


  1. As an onlooker to the Gaga performance, seeing was believing! She is one classy lady...wait till Katkin is well enough to check out the legwear!

  2. What a girl - alpaca royalty!
    Looking forward to seeing photos of her cria!

  3. "poker faces" ha ha!- hope that was a deliberate reference to the original Lady Gaga? nice bit of documentary Barbara.

  4. The tension in the air is reflected in the photos. She's a good looking gal! Shirley & Robbie

  5. Oh la, ou la la.....looks like a bad romance on the boys side of things....couldn't resist the Gaga lyrics !!........she is a classy lady after all and made quite a stir amongst the paddock and the rest of the Beckbrow crowd .....!....enjoy the Futurity.....Jayne

  6. Do hope Katkin is soon back on form. Couldn't believe how much looked to be coming from that abscess! It is something we dread but you seem well on top of it now...must be your medical training! For future reference, what antibiotic are you using...never quite sure over here ...great vet but ours are their only alpacas so little experience!

  7. Hi Judi,

    I have sent you an email.



  8. Fab photo story Barbara. Alpaca group dynamics are just fascinating.