Thursday 31 March 2011

Lady Gaga gets dirty...

There is a bit of a buzz going on in Carlisle...I worked a night shift last night and it was all the crack...yes... Lady Gaga...THE Lady Gaga - you know the one...not quite as snooty as OUR Lady Gaga...nor quite as well dressed...the one that shares a passion for head gear with Velvet...and has an album or two...Ro mah ro-mah-mah, that kinda thing...yes you got her now - Well, she will be performing in the City in May. And whats more, as part of the Radio One Roadshow, tickets are free by application...Oh la la! (Well spotted Dave...glad you keep on the ball!)

Actually our Cambridge Lady Gaga seems to be lowering her standards a bit since moving into the new paddock. The girls have discovered a rather generous dust bath below a telegraph pole. Obviously created by cattle, previously in the field last summer, it is big enough for two or three alpacas. Lady G, who normally keeps her self very clean appears to have been unable to resist the lure:

Lady Gaga looking less than pristine (Willow also standing...I think I might go for keeping leg fleece on this year at shearing...not that I think that they will have Lady G pants!)

" you got a problem...thought you liked dark fawn?"

I expect that there is no hope for her expected cria...with Lady G as mum and St. Patrick as's going to be a messy child...both seemed to be enjoying the dirty spots today:

Waradene St. Patrick enjoying getting down and dirty (is that a Lady Gaga lyric?)

I've just finished a spell of poo-picking. I drove into the field then realised that I had forgotten the camera (never like to miss a photo opportunity). When I came back the girls were obviously wondering what was going on...abandoning duties before I had even started!

"Where has she gone?...does anyone know how to start this thing?"

I have just downloaded a trial of HerdEASE and Alpaca Manager (alpaca data base system). I feel like I need something purpose designed rather than all my Excel files...but it really is rather tedious filling it all in...hence the get back to it...or...I could pretend to Paul that it requires his I.T. that's an idea! Any other recommendations of systems welcome.


  1. I have spent the last week looking for a Lady Gaga CD - ordered from Amazon in the end - now, after reading your blog, I can't get Poker Face out of my head again! Very keen on your Lady Gaga as well!

    P.S. I love my Alpaca Manager software - and the help line is phenomenal!

  2. I have up to date....Alpaca Management System..its a pen and paper !....and I usually forget where I put them.......looks like the alpacas are enjoying the nicer weather....Roll on the Spring.....Jayne