Tuesday 29 March 2011

LEVEL1 ALERT...risk of alien invasion!

Alpacas are generally very quiet creatures to have around; mostly they say very little; sometimes they hum; mums cluck affectionately to their cria; but on the whole they are very good neighbours...they even mow the lawn quietly. Therefore, when you hear an alpaca alarm call you know that they mean business. It is the most shrill sound...Holly is the expert within our herd...and means everyone must be on the alert for danger. They quickly group together...interestingly I have found that it is the young adults who are sent to the front...any cria are protected in the middle of the group.

Well just as I was about to start the poo picking this morning...off went the alarm...was there a fox?...a stray cat pretending to be a vicious tiger?

Grouping together...

Pepsi is sent to the front...

The white guards group left...

There it is ... an alien lamp shade

Ah...lamp shade off and light bulb goes on...Holly (left) does look a bit embarrased.

Yes, the big panic was over Velvet, who has been speyed and is having to wear a collar to stop wound licking. I really thought that they were going for her. I ended up having to put her in the house for as soon as I put the collar back on they went into panic mode again...aren't alpacas meant to be bright...switched on even?!

I have been cleaning out the water troughs over the weekend as they seem to get covered in algae pretty quickly. The ones in the majority of the paddocks are about 18 inches deep, which not only take time to empty for washing, but are also deep enough for head dunking. So, Paul has decided to try some shallow water troughs in the new corrals. The thing will be how quicky they refill when they are in constant use in the summer. Knowing Paul he will have tested them out...we will see!

New water troughs in the corrals


  1. Made me laugh out loud! not for the first time.. having a boring quiet day at work so thanks for that. B x

  2. Wonderful looking trough. Very envious as no muddy paddling feet in them me thinks!

  3. Mine have been on guard duty as well today - but I didn't get great photos! With those gates and those drinkers it is all looking very posh up there!

  4. Poor Velvet - left in the shade!! Great set of photos with the 'pacas all focused on the 'threat'. Very posh looking bidet you've given them Barbara......... Shirley & Robbie

  5. Where do you get shallow water troughs from ? I want one !

  6. Too posh...to push !....down there at Beckbrow !Im afraid....I have normal water troughs....that double as a head dunking paddling pools ! Poor Velvet....causing such a stir in the field....wearing that lampshade..has certainly put her in the limelight....but I think she has lost a bit of Street Cred !!.....:( ....Jayne

  7. Lady Gaga to headline Radio 1 Big Weekend in Carlisle - and top female pop star namesake to attend as well! Great timing Barbara!

  8. Great "ALERT" read Barbara!!