Wednesday 2 March 2011

Blown away...St. Patrick!

Today has been one of those gorgeous days; one that starts with a light frost and then turns into bright sunshine...perfect for a photo shoot. Well, so I thought. Paul and Amanda were both around so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a shot of our boy Waradene St.Patrick of EPC in his show ribbons. St. Pat was very well behaved but unfortunately the weather was not. Everytime that we got more than two ribbons in place the wind blew up and off they went. I wonder if Velcro works? Take two...three and four to follow!

Paul with Waradene St. Patrick of EPC...Take one!

We did get a nice shot of him ribbonless, not too difficult as he does rather like posing. I have to say...and I never like to say too much for fear of egg on face...but his fleece is looking fabulous...very exciting. He is obviously feeling like spring is on it's way as he has started sauntering past the girls field even at feed time. Nothing as undignified as running in front of his ladies.

Waradene St.Patrick of EPC

I have been a bit naughty today...Yes, I confess to devious behaviour. I arranged for Amanda to "come and hold" Lady Gaga, Caramella and Stanstead (Amanda's 2 girls) whilst I gave them their injections of Cydectin 2%, ready for their integration into the main herd... I am pleased to report that...without a chance to back out... Amanda gave her first sub-cut injection today!! Leading ponies and giving injections...what will be the next challenge?

We are now making plans for another quarantine group, as we have had confirmation that our new girl has passed her vet check with flying colours and will be coming to us later in the month. As she is due in May, at a similar time to Nina, they will be going in together with an older female for guidance (yet to be decided). Photo and info next blog (I have gone on long enough)

Finally a photo of Beck Brow Kenzie who now belongs to Bev and Andy at Lane House Alpacas He is such lovely boy with a fine bright fleece with lots of character, but the fawn on his neck means that he just misses the stud male standard. He has been in a such cuddly mood today...a little less usual for Kenzie than the other two boys. Gosh I am going to miss them.

Beck Brow Kenzie (g.s Bozedown Galaxy)


  1. St Pat looks gorgeous - " Everytime that we got more than two ribbons in place the wind blew up . . . " One is impressive enough!! One day I shall have one ribbon . .

  2. What a beautiful chunky boy St P. looks. Does he think he's going on a date in the first photo??

  3. Hi Barbara, St Pat and Kenzie are lovely looking boys. Just found Bev & Andrew's blog via yours. Like the 'curtains!' Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  4. At this rate I will be a vet by June!
    Scalpel please Sister Hetherington!

  5. Nice photos....glad you managed to take advantage of this glorious weather....and Kenzie looks lovely.....Im sure he will be a big hit with his new owners........Jayne

  6. Not easy is it! I think we took about 150 before we got a shot that was good enough.