Thursday, 17 March 2011

St. Patricks Day!

Happy Birthday St. Patrick!

Waredene St. Patrick of EPC, our fawn herdsire, was of course named such because of his date of birth; St Patrick's day. This means that SP is three years old today! I did sing happy birthday to him this morning...I attempted an Irish accent but didn't quite pull it off. His birthday present; Van Dieman Chaska of Inca will be arriving next month, but he will not get to enjoy her until May! Bluberry Samurai Bahati will be his first girl of the year (probably late April).

After being blown away by the quality of the Alpacas at The Futurity (as was everyone I have spoken to) on our return we decided to check out our herd; whilst we still had the images in our head. On examining St. Pat we both just looked at each other and smiled. We continue to be very excited by this boy...sunglasses required!

Waradene St. Patrick of EPC (sorry still no photo with ribbons - waiting for a sunny day!)

Yesterday I did something that I have never done before...I can't believe that I am such a soft case...I attempted to wean Poppet then let her go back to her Mum! Nutmeg was due to be weaned and was actually probably self weaned and very independent. Poppet on the other hand is not 6 months until next week but is a good size. I though it would be better to wean them together as they appeared to be such good friends. Poppet cried a little for her Mum but no more than is often the case.

However, her mum, Bahati, who has had two cria weaned from her before without problem, was distraught. I expect that this is partly due to her not being pregnant (we left her open to get her on a Spring pattern) and possibly because Poppet is young. Whatever, after 24 hours of Bahati lying by the gate, her head on the ground, moaning for Poppet...I couldn't cope... I gave in before her milk started to dry up! We will mate her at the end of next month and wean then. Now I know...if it was somebody else... I would be thinking get a grip as well


  1. Beautiful looking boy, lovely weight of bone. I think he knows he's gorgeous. Very much looking forward to seeing his cria; when is Lady G due?

  2. Thanks Jenny. LMD for Lady G is 22/09/10. Later than we would have prefered but hopefully worth the wait!

  3. He looks very smart. I noticed his pressie on Tim's site the other day and she looks smart as well. So should be good to see what next year brings!

  4. He looks great, very proud and a lovely colour!
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday St Pat.....its a special day....for us also at Zanzibah....He looks very charming indeed...Im sure the ladies won't be able to resist him...he's gorgeous ! can always get a grip....another day !!....Jayne

  6. You did well to hold out for 24 hrs, what a sad picture you paint.
    St Pat looks like a star

  7. We are so happy you are enjoying him. He still is the poser, always was when he was little. Looking forward to seeing the cria when they come along. Good luck with your breeding.