Monday, 28 February 2011

Back to the jobs list.

It was back to it today; catching up on emails and ticking some of the tasks off the list (well, I did make a list but I seem to have mislaid it...things must be getting bad...the need to have a list and then to remember where the list I think that they were tasks off the list). I did remember to post the fleeces for The Futurity any way.

Amanda came this morning and we gave everyone their AD & E paste (the last before going on to injectable). Everyone condition scored well despite the winter that we have had. I can never resist checking out everyone's fleeces, so it does take much longer than necessary. We also took the weanling out on their halters; everyone has it perfected now and they really enjoy getting out and about. We also checked the microchips of Explorer and Roma at the weekend ready for the show (present and correct) and did a little trimming around their eyes.

Explorer seems to have got naughtier since we have been away. This appears to have come about since we seperated Finian, Noah and Kenzie. I think Fin was probably the leader of the weanlings in his own quite self-assured way. His Mum Holly is the same. Always cool and avoids any disputes, but I am sure she is the matriarch of the main herd - she just gets Katkin to do her dirty work! Anyway, now that Explorer thinks that he is the main man within his group (he is actually the only man now) he has taken to standing in the trough to make himself taller and 'pouffing' on his fellow wealings (his future harem...not the best way to make an impression!)

We also moved some of the ponies. I always feel mean but the little Shetlands put on weight at the drop of a hat and are very prone to getting laminitis, so it was back to limited grazing for them. I hadn't realised until after we had got the headcollars on that Amanda had thought that we were going to herd them. She confessed later to having a fear of horses and to never having led one before...another phobia cured!

I am starting to feel like the Queen with her two birthdays; a beautiful hand tied bouquet of orchids and roses arrived today from friends, and Amanda bought me a gorgeous Cross pen. I am liking these big birthdays! It is Craig's birthday tomorrow so someone else's turn.

St. Patrick's show ribbons arrived from Waradene Alpacas whilst we were away (Sharon very kindly offered them to us to keep). I have promised a photo of him in his 'curtains'. We just need a sunny day now and a lot of patience. I imagine that it isn't going to be an easy task!


  1. Its been like a holiday today, sunshine, plenty of friendly alpaca company, pony walking and lots of laughs.

  2. Sounds like you have received lots of very nice kept your 'Big' Birthday quiet !.......looking forward to seeing that perfect...Alpaca Shot with perfectly placed ribbons....!!......Jayne