Wednesday 1 December 2010

Soft Northerners...

Now us Northerners...and I mean proper North as you get without being in Scotland...we like to think we are a bit hard where weather conditions are concerned...this particularly applies when we compare ourselves to those in the South of the country...I, of course would never voice this thought!...but we do generally get a lot more practice at coping with cold, wet, wind and snow.

Well, I am going to have to eat my hat...and I need them all at the guess was that Lady G and chums would have hardly peeked out of the barn once the snow began to fall (I haven't seen St. Pat out at all today) but no...they are hard girls...a little bit of snow isn't going to get them running indoors...Now the northern girls...where are they...tucked up in the barn!

Lady G. 

One of Amanda's girls looking for grass.

Velvet is 'as nails' nothing keeps her indoors...coat on or she is trying out some snow diving:

Velvet...snow diving

I am having to admit the snow is not so lovely now. We have had 4 or 5 inches today. I expect Paul isn't going to get home tonight. I have had to feed the sheep on our let land as well as ponies and alpacas today. It has been constant defrosting of water buckets and replenishing hay nets.

I was booked in at the hairdressers this morning for emergency treatment; the grey root alert was flashing and the Xmas season is approaching. I classed this as an essential journey and was all prepared...matching underwear in case of accident...heated seats on full...chunky Kitkat supplies (didn't have any Mars bars) but in the end common sense prevailed. I knew I would have got there but would I have got back?...good decision now it hasn't stopped!


  1. this weather..just keep your hat on!

  2. I'll second that.....Im only making essential trips....I have the same problem...if I get there....would I get back !!! Im afraid its..out...only incases of emergencies.....sod the hairdresser !!.....My alpacas LOVE me.....just the way I am !!!!!!!!!!!!......haha.....Jayne

  3. I got mum to cover my grey flecks when she visited the other week!

    Velvet is as mad as one of my kittens, I think she was a snow leopard in a previous life.

  4. "In the bleak mid winter frosty winds made moan, The girls from down the country grazed all alone." PS Grey is the new black!