Sunday 12 December 2010

Vest off and Flushing

Just as I was about to go into meltdown myself...we began to thaw on Friday...and what's more...we have a flushing loo and no burst pipes...thank you! Paul was away all week so it has been a tough one.

The alpacas appeared to be equally excited with lots of pronking and racing (our cria like racing this year). Just as was my heart was melting watching them play, it quickly began sinking as I saw Poppet skidding through the slush...ending up with all four legs through the wire fence. She just laid still as I set off sprinting up the field...Now; she was some distance away and sprinting is probably a poor description of what I was actually managing...but Bahati (mum) was there way before me. Calmly she checked Poppet over, spoke to her (alpaca language; not sure what she said, but it sounded reassuring rather than distressing) she then nudged her up. As Poppet stood Bahati put her head down checking all four legs then took her more playing from Poppet...Mum knows best!...Bahati is just one amazing alpaca.

Poppet today...back to a skid free surface.

We went to the North West Alpaca Group Xmas party last night, so we are yet again slightly sleep deprived, although it was only 01.30 am this time. All the same, I always wake up on a Sunday morning planning the week ahead. This morning's 'before we even get out of bed conversation' was weaning. The conclusion...we have decided to wait until Xmas (will they know that it is Xmas that just too cruel?) when eight of the cria will be ready together (just leaving Nutmeg and Poppet). We will leave the weanlings where they are at present and move their mums back over the lane...Well that is the plan, lets see if I weaken!

Even without my interference Camilla has decided that Explorer is getting far too big and strong to have more than the minimal amount of feeds from her:

Camilla and Explorer ...time to get your own tea!

We have managed to get our Xmas tree up and decorated this afternoon, despite help from Velvet. We already have a headless, one legged Santa and a dove minus it's I don't expect it will survive until Xmas if Velvet is left alone with it for long!


  1. Glad Poppet was ok after her skating on ice !! I know that sinking feeling and the run up the field....!! The Christmas Tree looks lovely..I hope it survives Velvet and all her excitement...isn;t it her first Christmas !!.....Jayne

  2. Everyone seems to be getting their trees up! It looks lovely!
    Skidding on the ice is a nightmare - even down here - glad Poppet is okay.

  3. Vestoff and Flushing are my accountants .. Andy