Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Christmas Quiz!

The Beck Brow Christmas Quiz:

  1. It is compulsory to eat and drink during the festive period at the following times
          a. Only when hungry ?
          b. At breakfast, lunch and evening meal times?
          c. Continuously between the hours of 8 am until 8 pm. Thereafter it
               is through choice?
    2.  The only alpaca owners likely to give A D & E paste on Christmas Day

         a. Those who do not celebrate Christmas?
         b. Barbara because it is the 4th Saturday of the month?
         c. Someone who is sadly obsessed?
         d. B & C?
    3. Eight of our cria were weaned during the Christmas period who
         suffered the most stress?

        a. Explorer & Finian?
        b. Holly and Camilla?
        c. Barbara?

We have had a lovely Christmas here with lots of food and drink shared with family and friends. We have however still managed to fit in plenty of alpaca care. Yes, we really did give the A, D & E on Christmas day! We had a spare hour when everyone nipped out to visit other family members, feed horses and cats etc, so we decided to use it constructively. Amanda and I had been going to do the task on Thursday but the paste was so cold it was refusing to budge...always best to keep on top of that list of things to do!

The cria have also been weaned. As is the norm, none of the mums were the least bit concerned as they were moved to a new paddock, leaving their cria behind. The weanlings (or weeds as Paul likes to call them) all seem to be coping well. Explorer is being very cool about it all and is obviously going to be leader of the gang. Thankfully they are all good troughers (Cumbrian for being greedy pigs I who does that remind me of!). Obviously the answer to question 3 was me!

The pregnant females have all had a drench of multivitamins. Most are around 5-6 month gestation so an ideal time for a boost. Amazingly they all took the 30 ml dose of the disgusting tasting stuff (I have inadvertently tasted this on previous occasions). Do you think that they know what's good for them I wonder?...yum yum we need some extra zinc!

More poovering today before the next party with friends...four o clock start today rather than lunchtime...I'm quite sad to see the snow go and the mess that is left behind. Mind you, although the water troughs are not fully defrosted, it is nice not to have the frost to contend with every morning.

Well better be off. Paul no longer falls for the...."you just start with the poo picking I won't be long" ruse any longer!


  1. Well done, AD&E on Christmas Day, definately well beyond the call of duty!! We thought that we were being super diligent when we maintained our twice daily poo clearing on Christmas Day!

  2. You win Judi...poo clearing on Xmas Day gets more points than AD&E...and you get a double score!

  3. You both get more points than us - well done!

  4. Sounds like you have had a busy Christmas...managing to get all those jobs done....and pack in all that eating...and a quiz !!.....Well Done you !!......Hope you have a much easier New Year !!.......Jayne