Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Xmas...Cheers!

With family all arriving tomorrow for our traditional Christmas Eve gathering, I shall be busy cooking, cleaning, lighting log fires, tripping over the dogs and sipping ginger wine (the two are not related...I am always tripping over the dogs). Blogging may be a little difficult to fit in, therefore I will wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and sign off for now.

A big thank you to every one who takes the time to read my drivelling, it is very much appreciated. Also a very big thank you for all of your comments, which are much more amusing / interesting than my actual blog and keep me very entertained and supported when times are not so fun. Have a good one xx.

Anzac Almost Illegal...thinks that it should be (almost illegal) to make alpacas wear antlers

Tyke wasn't playing ball...refusing to be photographed in his santa hat

Anzac Almost Illegal....not sure about santa's little helper (aka Amanda)


  1. Love the antlers...was thinking about how we might pursuade some of ours to wear some for a Christmas photo shoot! However, whilst thinking about it, I just got that look from Annabelle which said..."You just try me...!"
    Have a great Christmas and don't say no when someone offers a hand!!

  2. Happy Christmas Barbara. Its been great fun following you and the amazing antics of your lovely animals. S.L.H.

  3. A very happy Christmas to you!

    Lovely photos - now you have inspired me to attempt to get my Bert to wear a bit of tinsel for her Christmas blog photo tomorrow!

  4. Lovely photos..have a wonderful Christmas.....and a very Happy New Year ! I hope those Christmas Stockings are all in place for the Big Day !!....go easy on the Ginger Wine !.......Jayne

  5. Antlers, or devils horns! Happy Christmas Barbara!

  6. Have a great Christmas and fabulous 2011 with your lovely alpacas Barbara and Paul.

    Rob n Les

  7. Hope you have really Almost Illegal Christmas festivities. Have a good one. Shirley & Robbie

  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS Barbara and Paul. I've just worked 17 days straight, but everytime I get 5 mins to sit down I read your blog and it always makes me smile. So thank you, and keep it up. Have a good break, and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!