Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Oh what a beautiful glad I spent it with you...

It is such a beautiful day here. The sun is shining and it is just me; the dogs; and the alpacas, enjoying the peace and the beauty of nature. Not much disturbs things here in the Eden Valley, even the Cumbrian earthquake (reported on the news) must have passed us by...well we certainly didn't notice any shaking, not even a wobble. I have been trying to capture the moment of tranquility on camera with limited success (I am sure Paul will tell me that I was using the wrong lens or setting or something!):

Snow crystals formed on the top of the fencing.

More snow crystals

Lady Gaga...well worth the wait, she is gentle and elegant

Lady Gaga checking out Tyke and Velvet

Beck Brow Paige Turner (aka Poppet)....looking very chocolate when compared to her sister Pebbles

Finian...serial fleece saboteur...this time it's Lucie who is the food trolley!

Looking out of the window, the snow is starting to come down again...I have just had a phone call to say that my free range turkey is ready to be collected from the farm down the be off while the going is's a 10.5 kg whopper...lets hope all the family manage to get here!


  1. Very nice Barbara, started off very arty, ended up very aaaaaahhhhhhhty!

    Have a great Christmas! xx

  2. What a gorgeous colour Poppet is...I see a lovely jumper in there somewhere!

  3. Lovely photo's Barbara. Poppet looks a real beauty to!

  4. They look so clean and beautiful! I don't know how you do it!
    And I do like the little blue snow flakes fluttering across the screen!

  5. This weather presents so many unusual and rare scenes, particularly close-up, you feel you must capture it -I've got a little photo project on the boil, I've taken at least 50 shots this week but still not got it right - thank goodness for digital.

  6. Ah this to be Apple Vale's prize winning photo entry for the Futurity...more complicated than snowman and carrot eating alpacas?...or are they not playing ball!! :))

  7. Thank you Barbara for all your Blogs throughout the year; they have cheered us up and made us laugh. All the best to you, Paul and your family for a happy and cria-filled 2011.

    Jenny and Graham xx