Monday, 6 December 2010

Mouse Party!

It has been back to the morning routine for me today: defrosting troughs; cleaning out barns and shelters (3 barrow loads this lazy are these alpacas...step outside!); and replenishing all the hay nets and bags. Whilst the temperature is so low, the morning feed includes some oats and peas in addition to the usual Camelibra and Fibregest. In the evening the girls also get some sugar beet (instead of peas). Holly hasn't yet figured out the this is an evening treat and every morning she looks at me and then at the bucket as if she is trying to remind me that I've forgotten something! After approximately half an hour of following me around on duty she does eventually give up.

I had the morning off duties yesterday. The mouse party went ahead as planned. We only managed to keep going until 4am (old age catches up) but still a bit late to be ready for the early shift...just as well the cat was home! (we shut him in the snug with the cricket highlights and few Boddys). We did manage a circular walk from home before a late lunch, we kept mainly to the roads as when we did go through fields the snow was so deep that we had to carry the dogs!

We have had no more snow over the weekend but it remains very cold. Thankfully all of the cria come in happily overnight and only venture out when the sun is out. Our youngest cria Poppet, is only 12 weeks-old, but appears to be coping well. She is used to having her ears felt every morning now to check that she is warm. I stuck to my decision not to put her coat back on and she is still keeping very snug. Her dam, Bahati, is a fabulous mother and always has her tucked up out of any draughts. That said we are pleased with our decision to leave Bahati empty and start her on a spring cycle next year. She will be our first girl to get a date with St. Patrick in 2011...lucky girl!

Bahati and Poppet...taken before the heavy snow fall.


  1. Glad the mouse party went ahead.....and the cat decided to stay away !! a manner of speaking.....the alpacas are looking lovely !!...Jayne

  2. Sounds like the farm cat earned his keep, and all for a saucer of Boddys! Better than a catastrophe!

  3. Funny how they won't go far to use the loo in the night - ours have an open shelter, and just stick their behind beyond the roof overhang in this weather - it means there's loads to clear every morning, but at least the weekend field tidy is quicker - glad you were able to accommodate 'the cat' - you're all heart!

  4. I do like the sound of behinds being stuck out of the shelter to go to the loo, can you train the boys to do this before they arrrive please Barbara?

  5. I will put it on the agenda course starts next month: halter training. Advanced course for Jan: how to poo in the barrow...not sure Noah will be able to reach thou!