Tuesday 1 June 2010

A plasma transfusion

We have decided to name Camilla's little man Explorer. Unfortunately he is far from out of the woods, but he needs to be recognised as the little star that he is. Mum is very proud and rightly so.

This morning he appeared bright enough again and was suckling approximately hourly. He had however failed to gain any weight from the 8.5kgs that he dropped to on Sunday morning. One failed attempt at taking blood and I called the vet out to take a sample. The vet, after examining Explorer, really wasn't keen to do any tests, after all he does look well. However I insisted and his IgG levels came back at less than 100 mg/dl (repeated with same results).

It is safe to say that oral plasma has not worked on this occasion (given at 10 hours old). I probably should clarify that the colostrum we added was powdered just to give energy rather than anything else. We do have cows colostrum in the freezer but he refused to be bottle fed so we chose the plasma to give via the nasogastric tube.

He has now had a intravenous plasma infusion and has been started on prophylactic antibiotics. He still refuses to take anything from the bottle as top up feed but appears strong and is apyrexial. It really is a case of fingers crossed now that he does not acquire an infection, but his chances have certainly been improved by the transfusion.

We went to Northumberland show yesterday, leaving Mum and Dad at home, and were fortunate enough to get out hands on EPC Navigator (Explorer's sire)...wow! I have to say that first impressions of our little guy are also very good.

Houghton Hall alpacas, retained Navigator's undefeated Supreme Champion record and literally took home a bucket full of rosettes. We had to be satisfied with a second (Hollywood) and a third (Almo). However I did think the pair of them looked very handsome and it is always a good day for catching up with friends and fellow breeders.


  1. Keep up the good work with young Explorer and Camilla. With your nursing skills he's in the best hands possible.

  2. Beverley Stewart1 June 2010 at 20:19

    Phew what a dramatic entrance. Congratulations, he looks like a lovely promising boy. Bev

  3. Explorer looks a real hero, we've got our fingers crossed for him. Keep up the good work! Shirley & Robbie

  4. Your guys were gorgeous. ( ok may take navigator home in the other pocket!!)

    Looks like your Ig G was worth doing. Did you use your machine while the vet was there? Hope he continues to do well

  5. Hi Hilary,

    Good to see you yesterday.

    The test takes about 35 mins in total, we also had to gently defrost the plasma so the vet did another call in between. He did check out the process and equipment and was satisfied with everything. I don't think the result was unexpected personally. Fingers crossed the kit has been a good investment.


  6. Good luck with Explorer. Glad the kit came in handy.

    Did you decide on fawn in the end or white? I agree that his head and ears look fawn.

  7. What to do for the best Barbara? Leave it to mother who knows best, or use yours and your contemporaries experience and skills to try and help - between you and Mum, you should do well, good luck, Dave.

  8. I hope that he continues to improve, he has an appropriate name !...sounds like you have pulled out all the stops there...to head him in the right direction, fingers crossed.....Jayne

  9. Good luck with little Explorer Barbara, he does look a little cracker.

  10. Fingers crossed - he looks a lovely wee lad. You have done everything you can and he will have to take it from there. Good sign that he is suckling from mum - he'll soon have a good supply built up from her.

  11. Good luck with Explorer. Hope he continues to improve.