Saturday, 19 June 2010

If you can't beat 'em... join 'em...

We have enjoyed a week of lovely weather and lots of visitors this week. Minnie is always in her element when there is any attention going, and gives everyone a warm welcome. Today it was the turn of Amanda and Karen. Karen has never visited us before, but that is no problem to Minnie. She did however get a little bored with them sitting watching Galaxy (342 days) so decided to join them. In between them to be precise! 

Minnie and Tyke competing for attention from Karen & Amanda.

Minnie posing to camera with Karen!

On a very recent blog, I was praising myself somewhat on making an alpaca decision using my head rather than my heart. Well, I have done the opposite today. Hoity Toity, who lost her cria at five month gestation, was due to go back to receive a re-mating to Sanjo Shalimar, a very nice male indeed. However we have not got anything organised and she has been desperate to be re-mated, especially since the two boys have been born. She sits watching the other girls being mated and won't move from the spot. Today she looked so depressed that I mated her with Legacy of Purston. Oh well at least she looks happy now!

Good news, Pebbles who had been refusing to go near any boys, sat happily for Hollywood today. 


  1. We both enjoyed Minnie's company and are delighted that Hoity Toity is looking more contented. Sweet dreams of Legacy...

  2. Hi Barbara, These are really great photos - Minnie looks completely 'chilled' and totally at ease.