Sunday, 27 June 2010

All white at the end of the day...

I had such a busy day yesterday; by the time that I had finished I didn't have the energy to write a blog. I did manage to pour myself a glass of wine to have with my pan-fried tuna steak, then it was an early night. Paul has been away for a couple of weeks in the USA, so the plan was to have a nice meal and to be scintillating company. No chance!

We had had an early start yesterday. Paul was off on his way to Fowberry Alpacas by 8.45 am. I felt that one or two of the girls: Galaxy (mid fawn); Nancy (white); Phoebe (white) and Bonita (light brown) all looked possibles to birth, so I had decided that I should stay home.

As soon as Paul had driven off I realised that I had forgotten to give him the self declaration form, so I quickly went inside to send the info by email. On arrival back at the birthing paddock I saw that there was already something white wriggling around on the ground! White? Must be Nancy or Phoebe? There were so many alpacas around the little thing that it was difficult to tell instantly. No it was Galaxy, our lovely mid fawn girl with the fabulous fleece. It wasn't fawn but it was a girl, and what a little trooper. She was on her feet and running around in no time. Poor galaxy was struggling to keep her under control. We are going to register as her as Fine Romance but she will be known as Roma.

Next job on the list was poo picking. This meant I could keep an eye on things and get on with the jobs at the same time. Once I was happy all was well I went to do some fleece skirting. I am meeting Paul from the Halifax Spinning Mill on his way back from the Woolfest today. He has some wool ready for me and I was hoping to have some sacks of white fleece ready for him to take to be spun.

I think that I may have got a little carried away and not checked the paddock for a hour or more. Anyway when I went back there was another white head and legs waiting for the final push. Bonita! That serves me right for my comments on my previous blog about Legacy always producing coloured cria from coloured dams! I have double checked and out of more that 60 progeny he has never had a white from a brown before! This one was a little boy. Seen as they were coming in twos we have decided to name him Noah.

That is six cria to date. Four boys and two girls. Four white and two coloured. With five to go and three of them white dams, I think we might be having a white year. Never verbalise plans! Unless you are the Mighty Patou of course and have a fairy godmother!


  1. Oh...well, as long as they are here safe and sound !....I try not to mention...just incase...however..the Mighty Patou, just seem to wish it and there it is ! Mind you...I did plan a white and grey hope of a lighter cria...and got a jet black girl !!...Nature's way of reminding us...just who is in charge of all this breeding game !!.......Jayne

  2. Fairy Godmother! Fairy Godmother!
    It's all about careful planning!
    We are not fairies down here you know!
    We are big strong and Mighty!