Thursday 17 June 2010

Enjoying the weather...

With Ben home from university I have been putting him to good use over the past couple of days. Not always the keenest to get his hands dirty but he did get stuck in to the poo picking. In fact he was so enthralled with his duties, that he was totally oblivious to the Egyptian sand-dancers behind him:

Ben...too young to remember sand-dancers!

We also got round to some spit offs and matings. Nina spat at her ovulation spit off so fingers crossed that she spits again next week; Maybe Hollywood has done his work. We also mated Minnie with Hollywood. I really couldn't watch. Minnie is  the sweetest alpaca ever, I am sure she was saying "why are you letting this boy do this to me Mummy"

We have had a beautifully sunny couple of days, and today looks like keeping up the trend. I felt sure that we would have a birth yesterday, but they all held on. There are four girls now bagged up and walking around with their tails in the air. Poor little Bonita looks enormous. It's hard to believe that she can possibly get whats in there out! I think it was just too warm yesterday. Everyone decided to have a lazy day!

Explorer...enjoying the sun

Tyke doing a spot of sunbathing (he missed shearing day!) is that going to get out?

With no birthing activities to distract me, I had to get down to some gardening duties. Only two weekends to go before the open garden event. Nimrod and Julius are looking good....the garden? Now that is another matter! The boys are going to have to be a serious distraction from the horticulture I can tell you.

As always I am easily led astray from unpleasant tasks; So when Robyn and Craig came round and suggested a BBQ I really couldn't think of a reason why not.

Look at the state of that patio...must get the weedkiller out!


  1. Relax and enjoy the sunshine, you have got a busy time ahead with even more front ears to be discovered!

    Is Oscar... Tykes butler?

  2. Love the Egyptian Sand dancers!

  3. Those Egyptian Sand Dancers are great!
    Your garden looks fantastic as it is!