Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Boys at play.

Today has been one of those days when alpaca watching becomes so absorbing that hours go by with very little being achieved. This morning I was fortunate enough to witness a lovely scene; Explorer, who has been trying to tempt Kenzie into playing since the minute the little guy was born, actually succeeded today. The two boys were chasing around the field, but what was particulary exciting was to see the two mums pronking along with them. Pronking is generally an activity for the youngsters in our herd, so this was lovely to see. I normally have a camera nearby, but this moment was to good for me to chance missing by running to find it. Sorry not to share this time!

It is Explorer who has been keeping me entertained for most of the day. One of his most amusing antics is him trying to get Camilla to stand when he wants to be fed. Every time he witnesses Kenzie getting his milk supply he also expects that he should get the same. This is irrespective of whether Camilla agrees or otherwise. If Mum is kushed he starts by nuzzling her face in a very sweet manner. If this doesn't work he then moves on to nudging her. No luck? Next move pokes her in the side with his foot. Still no joy? So he jumps on her back... That worked! I get the feeling that Camilla will be requesting a girl next year.

Hollywood has been back on mating duties today. Although he appeared to have the hang of things, both of his first girls have sat again. He is definitely willing. Now we need to see if he is able!

Hollywood and Nina


  1. Tell Camilla girls are no better - at least Lucia isn't, but maybe that is why she is putting on about 400gms a day!!!

  2. Girls are definitely no better!
    Hollywood looks good.