Monday, 7 June 2010

It's a fawn!

I did say that we had pretty much left Honario to it yesterday. A quick dry, coat on, navel spray and weighed. I think that we were so pleased that everything had gone well that we obviously didn't look very closely at his colour; he is most definitely light fawn! A nicer colour for a pet boy possibly.

I took his coat off this morning when I weighed him in order for him to get the benefit of some vitamin D from the sun on his back. Unfortunately I didn't check the weather forecast first. An hour later the heavens opened up and I had to enlist Amanda to help me catch him. He is certainly fit and healthy! We have decided to call him Kenzie.

Honario being a protective mum and Kenzie with his coat off before the rain.

Apologies for the tease yesterday Mark, I just needed permission to tell. The two girls in question are a medium and a dark fawn (sorry no browns this time!) both have been mated to top quality black males. The bad news is; I am not the new owner. Still it is two lovely new girls without spending a penny! Amanda has made the purchase and the girls are to be at livery here. The plan is to mate them both with Viracocha Black Sabbath next year. This is a Cedar House Amar male that Amanda and I both have a share in.


  1. Congratulations on your lovely new arrival....he looks lovely.....well done Honario....Explorer looks like he is thriving....fantastic result...Jayne

  2. You've had sun - it's been horrible here all day. Layla has had a coat on all day. That's good Barbara, lovely girls to enjoy without having to visit the bank!

  3. Kenzie is a smasher Barbara. He really looks a very light fawn colour doesn't he.

  4. Mated to black, so looking for brown next summer then?