Friday, 11 June 2010

Lady Gaga Fails to Show!

The photo on the left is of  EPC Lady Gaga. Fully fleeced and in a garden that is somewhat unfamiliar to Beck Brow. Yes, I did say that she would be coming to Cumbria this week, but despite months of anticipation we can now confirm; It is to be a no show.

Things started to go wrong when Lady Gaga failed to go naked in Wiltshire as planned. Jamie Dixon was due to shear at E.P Cambridge (EPC) a couple of weeks ago but had to rush back to Australia due to a family member's illness. In the meantime we had had all our herd shorn. What to do?

Well I have let my head rule my heart on this occasion; Very unusual for me where alpacas are concerned! We have decided to leave Lady Gaga with EPC. Partly so we can be sure that she gets shorn but mainly because she is due mid July. We felt that time was running out for us to feel comfortable about transporting her on such a long journey. The plan is that she will be mated at EPC with Waradene St Patrick, a fantastic fawn male due to be imported in early August. St Patrick has Purrumbete Highlander and Purrumbete Inti in his pedigree and has a fabulous fleece. I sure this will be a fantastic match if all goes to plan. It's just that I will miss seeing her birth. Boo!

The decision makes sense on a number of levels.  Amanda's two girls, one of whom is waiting to be mated, are also from EPC. This means that the three girls can all be delivered and quarantined together. A sensible plan I know. At least I am confident that she could not be in better hands!

After days of wet and miserable weather here in the North, the sun decided to shine between the clouds today. No need for cria coats today. Unfortunately Kenzie didn't quite get this. Boy he is fast! I am now waiting for Amanda to come and help with coat removal. as lightening and looking cheeky too!

Explorer on the other hand makes little effort not to be caught and Camilla isn't particularly concerned. At least one cria is now getting some rays!

Explorer before coat removal...looking up for the challenge but an easy submission!


  1. Lady Gaga looks good - sorry you'll miss the birth though, sensible decisions are always the hard ones!
    Cria capture should be an Olympic game event!

  2. I agree with Rosemary, put my name down for the under six-months section. My specialist catch is the drift tackle... look out Kenzie!

  3. And what happened to the camelidynamics training Amanda!

  4. Waradene St Patrick is a lovely male, we looked at buying him last year but decided he was just a little to light for our herd. As you know we aim for browns.

    I am sure you will get some lovely cria from him.