Sunday 6 June 2010

Another Boy!

It's another little white boy! Morden Hall Honario, a maiden, had a text book birth, delivering a male cria weighting just under 8kg at 1.45pm today. He was up on his feet within the hour and had had a good feed before two hours had passed. He is pictured at just over two hours old, with the older boys watching on. Thankfully we can just sit back and watch this time.

Explorer has again gained weight and is looking fit and strong. It is amazing to see how big he is when compared to the new little fellow. He is amazingly dirty as he rolls in soil at every opportunity. Still can't tell if those ears are just dirty Debbie!

Explorer checking out his new playmate!

What a difference a week makes!

We really need some girls to be born now, preferably fawn ones. Silverstream Galaxy ET, a fawn Silverstream Czar girl, who has NWA Ltd Ruffo on her dam's side is next due. She is clearly bagging up but is not quite 11 months yet. Hopefully she will produce something off the wish list!

We are going to be getting a couple of coloured girls delivered to Beck Brow sometime soon. However these will be coming by trailer! More on that when all is confirmed.


  1. Stress levels greatly reduced - at least you can now enjoy them both, well done with all that intensive care.

  2. Hi Barbara, Great photos and smashing to see Explorer forging ahead now. Shirley & Robbie

  3. Hi Barbara

    Indeed Explorer is looking to be a well stocked cracker. Fingers crossed for them little girls. Hope your curry was nice!


  4. Looking good Barbara.
    Coloured girls eh? Brown? Black? Fawn?

  5. Delighted to see Honario and her little boy are fit and well. No doubt he and Explorer will be the next dynamic duo flying around the paddock together.

    I always think a splash of colour adds interest!

  6. Sometimes it takes a while to decide on 'dirty white' or fawn. I remember Gabby's 2008 cria Barnaby was like that, in the end he was white, it just took me a while to make my mind up!

    Looking forward to hearing about and seeing the new girls.

  7. Nice photos! Glad that birth went smoothly - hoping for a girl for you next!

  8. Beverley Stewart7 June 2010 at 11:06

    What a little cutie the new boys is, love the perky ears. Congratulations on pulling Explorer through, he looks so sturdy now.