Monday 28 June 2010

The latest arrivals...some photos at last!

What a busy weekend! I have now got most of my wool back from the Halifax Spinning Company and I also  managed to get 40kg of white fleece skirted and away to be processed. The wool that I have got back is the end result of mixing natural organic dyed alpaca fleece (20%) with the finest white fleece and it looks and feels fantastic. Paul, the mill owner, took a sample to the Woolfest and was amazed at the amount of people wanting to buy my wool. Someone actually offered to buy all my stock!

On Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a visit from Bev and Andy from Yorkshire, who were in the area seeing family. They are very interested in owning some pet boys to keep on some land that they already have, and are keen to learn as much as they can in advance of their purchase. It was lovely to meet them and to witness their enthusiasm to understand the health and welfare needs of their alpacas.

I did eventually get round to taking some photographs of the the two new arrivals:

Galaxy and Roma

Galaxy absolutely adores her daughter Roma, although she did keep forgetting that she had had her on the first day. She actually came in to feed without her, then got in the most amazing panic when she remembered that she had forgotten something; then couldn't remember where she had left her and was smelling anything and everything white. In the end I had to bring Roma to her! Galaxy is a Silverstream Czar daughter. We were hoping that the brown spot on her nose might increase the chances of her having a fawn cria but Roma is a solid bright white and a little beauty.

Noah, pictured below, is a cheeky little chappy. Bonita is being very protective at the moment but I can't imagine that she will keep him under control for long.

Noah ...looking cute with his brown spot!

If fact Bonita is being so zealous with her mothering, that she won't come in the barn to eat. Last night I took her tea out to her in a tub. I did notice that she had left most of the garlic powder in the bottom, but no matter Explorer soon licked it up. He will be on to a Vindaloo some time soon at this rate!

He did allow me to sit next to him after he had cleaned out the tub but was definitely keeping his back to me. Maybe saving me from the garlic breath?

Explorer...that's close enough!


  1. :-) (a picture speaks a thousand words)

  2. What a lovely photo..shoot ! Beautiful babies...and a well deserved..alpaca can't beat them !!...........Jayne

  3. Lovely photos!
    That's not an alpaca in the backgroound of the picture of you with Explorer is it?!