Monday 14 June 2010

Exploring new frontiers....

I took the camera out with me this morning whilst on poo picking duties. As you can see I am very easily distracted:

Exploring new front ears! out behind...

Kenzie with two intact ears!

Explorer smelling the buttercups and looking a picture of innocence! can just see the green spit on the back of his head...bit of a give away that Honaria was not best pleased!

Being kept under control and copying Mum !...You can just see the grass in Explorer's mouth.

Silverstream Galaxy is 336 days today. Quite early days for a maiden, but she has been bagged up for a couple of weeks now so I don't expect that we will be repeating the 385-day gestation that we had with Camilla. I have put in a request for a white male. I wouldn't want to tempt fate by asking for a fawn girl now would I?

Galaxy looking sleek without all that fleece.


  1. Beautiful looking cria Barbara.......bit pale but lovely!

  2. Nice photos..of the youngsters...enjoying eachothers company !......Jayne

  3. That camera belongs around your neck Barbara! (even if it gets in the way).Well worth it.

  4. Hi Barbara, Should have named him Davey (as in Crockett), king of the wild 'front ear!' Great photos. Shirley & Robbie

  5. Love it Shirley...someone as mad as I am!