Friday 8 January 2010

Will that be still or sparkling madam?

I did say it was cold last night. Well we are frozen solid, not a drop of water inside nor out. Paul has been away in Manchester all week leaving me to cope alone. So unsure what to do, girly inspiration struck......we have bottled water! Down to the cellar to check supplies, yes, well stocked, plenty of Evian and San Pellegrino (no Smart Price in sight!). So sugar beet with Evian it was! Quick wash with a wet wipe, then hair drier on suspect water pipe. An hour later and no luck, it was time to head in search of barrels and a daughter's water supply.

Paul has now arrived home and reminded me that we have a beck running behind the house (although half frozen), hence the name Beck Brow! Oh well. We are still frozen solid but at least we can access some water for the animals. We are off to the local for our tea now. Warm food and a flushing loo.

I am pleased to say that Hoity Toity appears to be fine, remaining apyrexial and tucking into her morning feed with gusto.

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  1. Was Jensons mobile service called "Hay on Hooves?" .... think he could have a big future!