Saturday, 9 January 2010

Olympic efforts and alpaca scoring

Still no water and still minus 10 degrees during the day (minus 14.5 at night) so it will be a long time before we thaw. At least Paul, a boy scout in his youth, is back home to help carry water and share his survival skills training. You can just see the beck at the bottom of the hill in the photo. Quite a trek!

We decided to give the January dose of ADE paste and do some condition scoring on all the alpacas today (activity generates some heat!). It is difficult to judge just how much to feed in such extreme conditions, everyone scored fine, but we will be keeping the extra rations of oats going whilst the weather is so grim. For more information on alpaca scoring click on the link:

Feed time remains popular. The girls obviously think it is tea time every time they see me, unless they just know it's time for a photo!

Bahiti leads the photo call.

As all the alpacas were surviving the cold we though we would test out our body boarding skills!Well, we went down the hill on a tin sheet, narrowly missing ending up in the water supply (beck) not quite olympic standards!

Sorry, back to the alpacas. A photo for Sue: Pepsi Lola is fascinated by my suede gloves and follows me around trying to get a chew. There is always at least one mischief! Although, I expect Fidel (rear in foreground) may prove to win that crown. Lets see what halter training him brings!

HT continues to be fine. I have Stopped myself doing any more 'what if I had done this or that' Reflection is always good, but beating ones self up is not. However, show me an animal lover who doesn't do it in such circumstances.

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