Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Evidence

Despite a flurry of snow this morning things are definitely beginning to thaw around here. I present the evidence:

Yes that is green grass you see in Pebbles' mouth. Little Fidel was so excited that he has spent all morning with the same piece of greenery displayed midside:

He could have made it as a stud male .....shame about the ears! The emergence of the green stuff has at last relieved Jenson of his duties. Jenson, a little black cria, likes to sleep under the hay racks. Consequently, he is always covered in the stuff and has been working as a mobile feeding station during the bad weather. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a pic. of him in action. Here he is this morning, not carrying quite as much hay as often seen. He wasn't looking too impressed, maybe the redundancy package was less than generous!

Short blog today. We are planning to get away for a few days so I am running around trying to get all the chores done. We booked a winter break, thinking summer was out of the question (birthing season) but we have not chosen well! Family and friend are coming to stay to look after the house and all the animals. We have on the rota: a couple of nurses, a civil engineer, a retired farmer, and a security officer to name but a few. So we should be well covered for most eventualities

If we do manage to leave the country (I touch wood) we are going to visit a baby elephant orphanage. I don't know if anyone knows the stocking rates for elephants and how they are with snow?


  1. Have a nice'll need a big suitcase to get a baby elephant in !!... lovely photos..and I hope the snow has gone when you get back............Jayne

  2. An elephant orphanage sounds dangerous, you'll be wanting to bring one home. I named Lualeni after an orphaned ellie!!

  3. I am just visualising the size of the poo picker needed for elephants. Crikey!


  4. Jensons "Hay on Hooves"... coming to a field near you!