Wednesday 27 January 2010

Missing Mum!

Come home soon Mum!

Beck Brow continues to tick over at a steady pace. It is such a relaxing environment to be in, surrounded by beautiful rolling scenery with the pennines still snow capped looking down from afar.

I think the alpacas are missing their leader Barbara. Whilst they are always curious to see visitors and offer a lovely welcome to anyone who shows interest in them, I have the feeling that they are looking just past me to see if their Mum and Leader is on her way. I have watched Barbara work amongst her herd many times and its hard not to notice how comfortable all the alpacas are in her presence. She has an incredibly natural affinity with each and every one. The more assertive alpacas like Holly and Beattie show respect and clearly follow their human leader whilst the shyer more reserved members like Hoity Toity and Julius become nearly giddy when she arrives to provide for their every need.

I believe its an indication of how well the alpacas can read people. They don't know what we have or how good we are at dealing with paperwork, but they do feel our energy and read or body language before we've even reached the paddocks.

They are such sensitive animals and I defy anyone to look into Nimrods dark kind eyes and not wonder what he's really thinking.