Thursday 21 January 2010

Spring Cleaning!

This is Ma, joint leader of the Soay Six Gang!
0-60mph in approx. 8 seconds.

Today Beck Brow is bathed in sunshine and its still lovely and dry, although there is a cool breeze making the air feel fresh and cleansing. The herd are all well and seem to be enjoying the dry weather too. They appear cleaner and the paddocks are recovering well after the snow.

Its a day to be outside and to be around the alpacas and soay sheep that we keep, getting on with all those jobs that I have been avoiding for months! I definitely feel spring is in the air as I have even had the energy and enthusiasm to tackle scrubbing the feeding troughs.

We have six pet soays who are a wild breed. They are small, only weighing about 30kg with lovely fine wool. They are very skittish, which makes handling really difficult(any tips welcome!)

After months of exercising some soay psychology (pretending you can't see them) we have Ma and Whiteknee eating from our hands! This is a minor miracle considering we didn't see them for weeks after they arrived. They would carry out covert operations around the fields to avoid us!

I am now off to try and tempt Linda(the lamb) with some sheep nuts, she's Ma's baby so there's some hope that one day she'll join the inner circle.

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