Monday, 4 April 2011

So many decisions....

It seems to have been another weekend of decision making...most of our options seem to require either more time and/or more money than we would like to give...hence the shall we shan't we bit.

Decision 1:

Who to take to The BAS National Show. I have already entered Explorer, Roma and Poppet (Poppet really only so Roma won't be left on her own when Explorer is in the ring...she wasn't too keen at The Futurity)

Indecision: The closing date has been extended and we are now contemplating whether or not to take Waradene St. Patrick.

Why the indecision:

1. He was shorn at the very end of September; So will his fleece re-growth (only 6 months) put him at a disadvantage?
2. Some fool bought a cattle trailer that is not big enough to take him and 3 juniors on such a long trip!!

Decision 2:

Do we invest in a van (Transit type thing) to be converted (by Paul!) to transport the alpacas?

Indecision: Can we justify the expensive. Is there really a difference between want and need. How often will it be easy will it be to find a space big enough in Tesco's car park.

If we do want/need one; what size, how many roof vents, windows fixed or opening, what model; long or extra long wheel base. Ford; VW; or Mercedes? I'm feeling tense.

Why the indecision:

The bank balance!

Decision 3:

Designers, products, new websites.

Indecision: I am now at the point of making some final decisions on products, designers and marketing of our potential alpaca wear. Small local shows and an online store; or try to do something on a bigger scale. How much fleece do I invest in this year? Headaches...

Why the indecision:

I am totally out of my comfort zone. Animals and health care I can do. Manufacturing, processing and design is a massive learning curve and a very expensive one!

Anyway Saturday saw us looking at vans; we are now waiting for some final prices for tow bars fitted etc. Of course we ended up liking the VW the most expensive of those available! I await the phone call.

Sunday saw me off to Harrogate in Yorkshire to the British Craft Trade Fair. I had kindly been  invited along by Bev. This is Bev, Mummy to Finian and co, who also owns a fabulous gallery in Saltaire; opposite Salt's Mill (re Sir Titus Salt who was famous for processing alpaca in the 1800s)

It soon became apparent that one of us is stylish, knowledgeable, can spot new talent, has an eye for quality and what is on trend... and the other one looks best in wellies...but it was interesting and I have hopefully gained a couple of contacts.

Right, outside to get some work done. The tractor has arrived so time to see if I can drive it! Some Lambivac injections are also due for the girls who are 6 weeks from their due date.

P.S I am loving AlpacaEASE. Lamivac due dates now flash up at decision made at least!

P.P.S Call received: Van ordered; VW Crafter, medium wheel base (better for Tesco's!), 2 roof vents, I large opening tinted window (tinted?...treated like royalty they are...I tell you!), 1 tow bar...what are wing mirrors for again?...two decisions made... which probably means three as we now have room for St. P!


  1. Good choice of van they are very popular here, the other van of choice is the Mercedes Sprinter (this is what we have). It won't be a mistake you will end up wondering how you ever managed without it.

    I am sure St Patrick will be an asset at the BAS Show.

    We can understand your product issue as we have reached the same position as you. Good luck.


  2. I agree with you - I think you are very elegant Barbara and Bev isn't bad in her wellies either.

  3. I have enough trouble deciding what to have for tea! Sounds like good decision making to me - and I think you look extremely elegant and stylish in your photos!

  4. I agree with Dave, in the face of indecision - spend, spend, spend! Good luck at the National.

  5. Glad you approve folks...I need no encouragement to spend!

    Thanks Sarah. We actually couldn't decide between the two but we were told that they were basically the same design(with different engines of course). It really came down to milage and condition of what we could find.