Friday 29 April 2011

The Young Punks are in business...

A quick blog before the wedding...I'm getting excited!

I have just been doing some paperwork before I get the rollers in. First on the list was to transfer some females to some new owners. The new owners? A very keen young couple who will be keeping their alpacas at Beck Brow; They are Robyn and Craig Kerr (daughter and son-in law). Robyn and Craig have been interested from the start and have decided to take the plunge and start their own herd.

This was decided sometime ago, but it has taken an age for them to come up with a herd name. Make it memorable I say (I admit Beck Brow Alpacas is not especially!)...easy to should mean something to you both...So what have they decided?...Young Punk Alpacas. Yes it's true. Named after their favourite wine label; Some Young Punks!

They are starting with: Nina, a fawn maiden pregnant to Hollywood; Nancy, who had a lovely Top Account daughter last year, who is also pregnant to Hollywood; and Phoebe, a white female and mother of Minnie, who we think is not pregnant at the moment. The bug has bitten!!

Archive photo from last Aug.; Nancy and Lucie left, Tabitha (Phoebe's daughter) front centre.

Yesterday I split the females into two groups depending upon their due date. We now have a group of 9 females in the birthing paddock who are all due in May. This is the first time that the group have been split where they are not in adjoining fields, and it has been interesting to watch the dynamics. Holly who is normally the group leader, and makes no fuss at all when her cria are weaned, has been calling to the main herd and is generally unsettled, even though she has Katkin (her deputy) with her.

The main group appear to be pretty relaxed without Holly and Katkin bossing them about. But who has taken on the role of leader in the new group? Well it was put to the test yesterday when a stray cat entered their paddock. Normally Holly would take care of the situation...who was going to take on the mantle of was a surprise to me...Lady Gaga...I thought she would have preferred to let others do the work but she is loving it!

Right, we are off to The Heather Glen for a hog roast and to watch the wedding of course (Paul is joining us later for the food...he doesn't get what all the fuss is about. Bah humbug!)


  1. What a lovely name for the new herd! Certainly memorable and they should have fun naming the cria - I'm thinking The Clash, Ramone, maybe even Sex Pistol!!!

  2. Nice one guys - and it will travel with them wherever they go, not rooted to a place (hope they don't end up with a Sid Vicious!).

  3. So...Beck Brow will soon have a little "local" competition! Will you have to make a seperate entrance so that you don't pinch each others clients?!!

  4. What a wonderful wedding....and lets hope the celebrations are on going with the launch of the new competition....!! in Cumbria...!! Im off to pack my bags.....Ive got a bussman's holiday to catch !!.....see you all when I get back !......Jayne

  5. Hope the 'pacas have some punk haircuts at shearing then! Will there be an alternative blog to follow? Good luck to them. Shirley & Robbie