Friday 15 April 2011

Getting soft...that's just fine!

I know... I have been a bit blokey of late with all this talk about tractors, stud males and stud mobiles; so I thought I would show my more feminine side today and start with something soft and gentle. So here they are, some photos of the end not cria...not yet...if's knitting yarn of course!

Beck Brow Yarn: blended brown and soft mid-fawn.

Beck Brow Yarn: Silver grey and Ivory.

We have had a lot of enquires about knitting yarn of late, even though we have not quite got the shop up and running.  I did get only a relatively small amount of yarn balled as 4 ply, in the 4 different colour ways, the rest has been spun as 1, 2 and 3 ply ready for the creation of our own end products. Actually, it's a bit like I am with the alpacas; I know I must sell some, after all it is a business, but I do rather like having it!

Back to boys stuff. I was going to keep a photo of the van for a reveal after the sign writer had had his way with it. However, as Mark has requested a photo, I will do the before and after approach:

The van before sign writing...part 2 next week!

I am still undecided about how far to go with the art work. It needs to be classy but also draw attention...a difficult one to pull off. Thirty years ago this would have been about what to wear on a night out, not about sign writing. Mind you, that was back in the 80's; dressing then was all about attention (think Boy George) and no class, well that's as I remember!

I have just been doing some work our the website and Alpacaseller ready for our mobile mating service. We are planning some fantastic deals, available for for a very limited period, but more on that on another day. Just in case I change my mind!

P.S just found out that our shared male Anzac Viracocha Black Sabbath got 1st placed Adult Male at the SWAG Show...great to get a red ribbon without any angst of knowing he was entered!


  1. Lovely looking yarn, and great photos, they look professional. Congratulations on the red ribbon, that's great news.

  2. Lovely wool - and a fabulous van (van does not seem a good enough name for it!).
    Congratulations on the win!

  3. What a satisfying basket of produce, and I noticed you were represented at the SWAG show with success.

  4. I like the yarn...and I like the new van ! it Christmas....all over again at Beck Brow !!....Im looking forward to seeing it all singing and dancing.....with the sign writing.......Jayne

  5. The yarn looks lovely, Barbara - you can almost feel the softness. Love the 'pacavan' too. Shirley & Robbie

  6. Your Beck Brow yarn looks beautiful... made of good old Cumbrian grass processed by your little factory of alpacas! Next phase is to see folks wearing it!

    Well done Black Sabbath..can we see a photo of him...presumably he's black?!