Friday 8 April 2011

Happiness is...

Tips for a happy life:

1. Firstly get the sun to shine.

2. Get your man a new toy (well second-hand will do) with various attachments...hours of fun...smiley faces...and a quite life:

Paul doing a bit a rolling...check out that smile!

3. Spend an afternoon at the spa with your girl friends...just make sure your friends like to share...and don't nod off during treatments.:

Camilla hogs the foot spa with Lady Gaga waiting patiently...Pepsi has a lie down!

4. Explore new might surprise yourself how quickly you get over your lost love...even more surprising you may be attracted to a 'pouffing' boy:

Poppet and Explorer getting along just fine!

It has been a lovely sunny day today. Unfortunately I have had inside jobs to catch up on (legal work) but everybody else has been making the most of it. Baheti does seem to have accepted that Poppet is old enough to go solo, so a lot less stress this time around; helped by the fact that Explorer has taken a shine to Poppet...he even lets her share his trough...honestly no 'pouffing'!


  1. That's a very nice, shiny, clean tractor - and a lovely smile on the proud driver!

  2. Thanks for the idea Barbara - I've offered Joy a Kindle if I can have a (small) tractor, and got a favourable response! All 'prepped' for tomorrows SWAG show, and watching Lambing Live, just interested in the scrubbing down and blow dry used for getting the heifer ready for showing - glad we only have to have 'paddock condition' standard - I pulled a couple of bits of hay off Bramley.

  3. Guess....'Its the Goodlife' at BeckBrow...going by the smiles..the sunshine and the 'non pouffing' just couldn't get any better.....could it !!.......Jayne

  4. Good old Explorer, taking his leadership seriously. But all this talk about tractors is putting me in a very awkward position, can I request no more big grins and displays of boys toys please.

  5. I have to ask (it may seem foolish) by why do you all roller your paddocks? What does it do for them? Why doesn't it compact the soil?
    Life does seem good there at the moment.

  6. Life certainly looks good and happy at Beck Brow!!

  7. Not sure of the answer Sarah but it kept him busy for a couple of hours...kept saying that the ground was just right; not too wet and not too dry!

    Seriously, I expect it won't need much rolling after alpacas but we have just reclaimed that piece of land and it had got a bit churned up in places from previously having cattle on. Next job muck spreading and chain harrows (we are running a bit late).

    You know what it's like here...a little bit of sunshine and you've got to find a outside job to do!

  8. Its a clean machine ! I want one !