Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Fawn Favourite?

We are still keeping Waradene St. Patrick of EPC waiting poor boy; I have decided late April is the earliest that we would like our births for next year. I sure that it isn't much consolation to him at present, but he has a lovely new fawn to add to his harem.

Van Dieman Chaska of Inca really is a lovely looking female and as an added bonus she has a very sweet disposition (especially for a pregnant female) and is brilliant on the halter. Might this be one of my favourite fawns? She is in isolation at present but will be joining some girls who are due at the same time as her sometime soon. Chaska is pregnant to Neptune of Houghton and due late May.

Van Dieman Chaska of Inca.

Paul has been busy converting the interior of our van (aka alpaca-mobile). I have resisted the temptation to interfere and I have to admit he is doing a really good job. I even have room for a change of clothes! Hopefully it will be ready for mobile matings soon. I have posted some introductory offers for mobile matings on our website http://www.beckbrowalpacas.co.uk/stud.shtml. With a mileage rate offer of only 25p/mile we really need to use the van and not the trailer! It is looking like the offer is going to be limited by our availability, as well as to his first progeny, as we seem to be so busy at present.

We had a request recently for a photo of Paul and myself with our alpacas. Despite having hundreds of photos we did not have one of us together. We now have a very smiley photo...remember that Maxwell House advert "we just want to be together!"... Seriously thanks Mike if you read this.

Together and smiling (well not Explorer (L)...with Roma)

Today we paid a visit to Lane House Alpacas to catch up with Bev and Andy and to see the boys. Finian, Kenzie and Noah were looking great, they really have fallen on their feet...I could sleep in that shelter no problem. It was lovely to see them so happy and settled.


  1. Ah bless, nice picture.
    Do Bev and Andy know there is already a Lane House Alpacas down here in Wiltshire?

  2. Chaska looks an absolute stunner - you did very well there. We organised for end of March babies..........we've just had our first today at 371 days gestation! Looking forward to seeing St Patrick for our two very eager fawn girls - both lying by the mating pen! Please let us know when you have some stud prices for Black Sabbath.

  3. Chaska looks great - an excellent addition to the herd!
    P.S. I very much like your boots - maybe this year will be the year I acquire a pair like that!

  4. You're right about "togetherness" photos...they just don't happen as usually it's one of us taking them! Maybe we should try for one of our own..mmm!

    Our 2 open girls are also desperate for a little love...tails up, lippie in place and charging up to the fence to flirt...trouble is..the boy's a gelding!! They too must wait.... until after shearing late in May!

  5. A nice picture of you both - but I prefer Pauls boots.

  6. Chaska looks lovely, St Pat is going to be a very lucky boy!