Friday, 4 February 2011

More acquisitions...

Since the arrival of luscious lips, I seem to be a roll of acquiring things that I didn't know that I needed. Not from EBay this time and no hints of tangerine:

My Father is busy cleaning out his for most people this would mean the disposal of the odd plant pot or two...but not my father. In addition to becoming very well acquainted with the man at the scrap metal merchants...he has also found something that he thinks "might be of some use to me"...what is it that you might find in a shed?...a portacabin no less!...well half a one to be precise (still 20 feet long and a long story) It has been suggested that Paul will need to get his tools out to finish the job (I will inform him at some point) but a very handy new feed store I can never have too many sheds!

Next problem is going to be getting it down our narrow lane...nothing that the removal of a bit of fencing and the chopping down of a tree or two won't solve. The tape measure will be out later today.

On the subject of building; Finian, Kenzie and Noah are going to be living in luxury at their new home in Yorkshire. I have just seen the architectural's a bungalow not a shelter...lucky boys. I'm going to have to train one of them to put a log on the burner...and as for putting the toilet seat down! It is lovely to know that they are going somewhere so nice.

It was more alpaca chatter yesterday with a visit to Northumberland to see friends Kathryn and Paul at Nero Black Alpacas. I nearly booked myself in for Bed and Breakfast we had so much to chat about, but did get back in time for the evening feeds. Another fantastic show team. I got to see my favourite girl; Nero Black Galaxy, their lovely brown female who is looking as good as ever. A little hay decoration in the junior team...not quite in Roma's league... but at least I won't be alone!!

No photos as it raining yet again. The alpacas are back using the shelters all night so the morning round does take twice as long with all the mucking out...I guess poovering should be has to be cleaned up somewhere along the line at the end of the day!

I had to do some adjudicating yesterday morning whilst cleaning out the weanling barn. Explorer has perfected his 'pouffe' with follow through. Poor Lucie seems to be on the receiving end far too often. I have had words. We want him to be macho but he must share his 'pouffes' fairly and not pick on individuals. I will monitor this morning...gosh it is looking grim out there...must get going.


  1. Let me know if your Dad comes across an acre of pasture in his shed!

  2. What sort of "shed" can have a portable cabin inside it? Are you sure it's not a Tardis?