Wednesday 23 February 2011

A blog from India...



Staying in 'The Club' at The Leela, Kovalam, Kerala. Sheer luxury!

We had been greeted by our Butler; "our wish is his command". Day 2 and I begin to feel the pressure...I get up a little earlier every morning to ensure that the room is up to his standards...toiletries lined up in descending order of height just as he likes them...but he always finds something to add...I worry about the Butler...any request at home is met with: "And what did your last one die of"...I don't want to cause him an early death!

Fantastic Birthday!


More sheer luxury and incredible service.

Caught cough and cold on plane but nothing problematic.


Enjoyed a meal of  "freshly caught King prawns" pan-fried to perfection. Paul had King Fish.


12.30 am. I am not well...started counting the marble tiles in the bathroom to pass the time.

Bad cough when combined with Delhi belly... very very problematic!

I stay in room...Paul stays by my side...I try to persuade him to go to the pool but no...during periods of lucidity I catch the cricket score on TV...not quite so aultruistic then!


9 am...54 tiles in total...have counted them 54 times!

2 pm. I decide to venture out.

Paul is concerned. "Should you..." What is it? Should I be going out when I feel so weak?...No..."Should I be wearing white trousers under the circumstances?"...forever the romantic is Paul!


Another message from home:

Alpacas all fine. Dogs happy.Everyone enjoying their hols. Wish you were here!



Feeling I must try to get a tan before it's time to go home.

Always a glass half full; I look on the bright side. With the cheapest non-local wine at 100 pounds per bottle I have saved some money and maybe lost a few pounds in weight as well. Nothing is all bad!

See ya later xx


  1. Hope you are soon feeling better and able to truly enjoy your can't possibly come back from India without a tan! You should NOT even be thinking of your blog...!

  2. Hi Barbara & Paul, A really good blog - made us laugh, but sorry to read that you haven't been well. Enjoy the rest of your hols. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  3. Barbara! I now have a mental image of you 'counting tiles', it is one that is hard to shake off!
    Hope you manage to venture and enjoy yourselves. See you at the Futurity! Wooohooo!!!!

  4. I know I shouldn't but I couldn't help but laugh. Hope the white trousers survived!

  5. Hope you're feeling better really soon. See you at the Futurity.

  6. with your enforced study of the details of your bathroom, I'm sure you'll come home with plenty of ideas for interior decoration - hope you can study the outdoors before you come home.

  7. Oh no, poor you. Hope you are fully recovered enough to have a few laughs at the end of your holiday - or is laughing risky too?