Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Welcome Home...

It's always nice to get home and back to the old routine. Even after a relatively short break (10 days this time) I always imagine lots will have changed; which usually isn't the case. However, I had a lovely surprise waiting for me on my return this time. Before we left Robyn and Craig had casually mentioned "shall we just give you your birthday present when you get back...something to open after your hols?" Unbeknown to me they had been doing some planning:

I spotted my new sign straight away...I had to do a double take of's even got our own logo on... what a thoughtful pair they are...I love it! 

Explorer was extremely pleased to see me of course...or was it Tyke he was running to greet...didn't manage to get all of him in the photo, but that is quite a display of excitement for Gorgeous!

Definitely looks like Tyke is the object of their interest...missed him eh!

Both Roma and Explorer look even dirtier than I remember. Their fleeces are certainly not looking their best, but as they make up the total sum of our Futurity show team, they will still be going. I am amazed to see that there are 380 entries in the halter classes! Great to see that confidence is generally restored with 54 breeders taking part. The good news is that with that many entries we can hide! I was also surprised that only 120 fleeces had been entered in the fleece show despite this being open to European breeders (not as high as the Scottish National). On Monday's list; post fleeces.

Of course the 2010 British Alpaca Futurity will always bring back good memories for us; as this was the year we successfully bid for EP Cambridge Lady Gaga, at the elite auction. She continues to hold herself in very high regard (photo below) I am interested to see what is going to happen when she is integrated into the main herd...I suspect that Hoity Toity will be having none of it...after all there is only room for one princess...isn't there?

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga.

There will be no auction excitement for us this year, as I have hopefully made our (do you like that: I becomes our!) last purchase for a while. I am just waiting for the vetinary certificate and pregnancy confirmation, so I will not tempt fate by saying anymore just yet.

I have to say I did get a sweet welcome from Caramella (one of Amanda's girls!) As she is coming towards me you can see Lady G heading off nose in the air!

Cambridge Caramella


  1. That's a fabulous sign, and a nice way to receive it.

  2. The new sign is super, what a lovely surprise to come home to! Hope your tummy troubles are long gone so that you won't be counting the tiles at Beck Brow!

  3. What a warm welcome Home ! lovely new sign and I bet its nice to be back home.....amongst the Georgeous !......and the Girls......Jayne

  4. Welcome back to sunny UK! Great sign, lovely photos.