Thursday, 10 February 2011

Decisions...and indecision.

It was an early start yesterday. Everyone was fed; shelters were cleaned; dogs were walked; in record time, as I was off to see some potential additions to the Beck Brow herd. The brief that I had given to the breeder was that I was interested in one, or possibly two, young females, preferably black but I would consider dark brown. The intention was to find a wife or two for our black male (Viracocha Black Sabbath). Now my preference is for fawn (despite breeding white this year!) but I felt injecting a little deeper tones would be rather nice. However, unfortunately nobody fit the bill. Now, maybe this is because my heart really lies with the fawns...or maybe I just haven't found the right girl yet...we will see!

So after a day of trying to make decisions. I arrive home to a message from Paul at the Halifax Spinning Company requiring more decisions. Fleece all much do I require in each ply and in each colour? Do I want some balled or all on cone? Washed/ unwashed? How many throws do I think I will sell? How much yarn does our designer need? After about four phone calls during which I kept changing my mind...I think it was Paul who actually made the final decision...some of the yarn will be left as one ply and then further plied when I see what I need!

Our entries for the Futurity photo competition are in the post. I realised when I was filling in the form and came across the space for the name of the photographer, that Paul had in fact selected four photos all taken by him! Well he is taking the credit...I can't actually remember who took which photo...however as I am in one of the photos he might be right! My favourite entry: Beck Brow Jenson at just a few hours old...yes black...and sold!

Beck Brow Jenson...named after the man himself...speeding at just a few hours old!


  1. Gorgeous photo - I think you must have a prize winner there!

  2. Great photo, looking forward to seeing the rest at the Futurity (assuming that they are on display).
    My favourite photo is of baby Finian pulling his Mum's ear, her expression is a classic - but hey I'm completely biased, any photo of Fin wins for me.

  3. Lovely photo....and you sold him ! you are looking for Blacks !....mmmmm slightly strange approach I think !.....any regrets I wonder !....Jayne