Monday, 7 February 2011

Rain scuppers purchase plans.

It has rained here relentlessly; four days and four nights. Not just drizzle...I am not one for it has been non-stop cats and dogs. There is a wet patch on Ben's bedroom ceiling...wet patches on floors we do get...but this can not be blamed on the dog. The ladders have been out. Nothing to see. No slates off. Obviously it has just been so wet, combined with severe wind, that water has managed to sneak in. More jobs on the list...ceiling paint required.

This however is not the real reason for the 'grumpy old woman' attitude. see rain has stopped play...or stopped the shopping to be precise. I was going to view a couple of females today...but they are having a bad hair day...caught without an umbrella I believe! Maybe I need to keep my pennies for roof repairs any way!

Stuck inside for most of the weekend (Paul kindly did the point in us both getting wet!) I decided to look through all our alpaca see if I could find some to enter in The Futurity photo competition. I have chosen four that have now been sent off to Photobox (well I did choose six but Paul vetoed two of them). One of the ones to pass the Paul test is the photo of Robyn and Minnie (below), Although, it is not the most flattering shot of Robyn (should have brushed her hair) I do think that Minnie looks rather sweet. However, now that I have had a better look, it does rather appear as if  Minnie is checking out Robyn for nasal hair! Still nice and summery when it's raining outside...did I say that it was raining!

Robyn and Minnie.

We did do a little moving around at the the rain...Finian, Noah (yes we interrupted his ark building) and Kenzie have been separated into their own little group. This is in preparation for their delivery to their new home next month...there is an added bonus to this decision I have to more chewing of Explorer's fleece by Finian...although I do think that it is a case of stable doors and bolting horses!


  1. Roll on the looks lovely on the photo....its raining here too...we are having a inside day....Jayne

  2. That is a nice picture, and I don't think I've got one to compete...although they have extended the deadline...

  3. Aaah, lovely photo Barbara. Hope you find where the water is coming in on the roof - probably yards away from where it is showing! Better weather for everyone today according to the forecasters. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  4. Nasal hair? It looks like Minnie is going in for a big snog!