Monday, 14 February 2011

Romance is in the air...

Happy Valentine's Day!

It will come as no surprise to any one…I know that I wear my heart on my sleeve ....but I love my man: Beck Brow Explorer that is!

There are number of reasons for this;

• He so easily could have died. Things were a bit and touch and go when he was born.

• He is the only male cria that we are keeping this year so I have diverted more of my affections his way.

• He is hilarious…he is grumpy…he is full of pouffe…he pulls faces…and he took a while to grow into his looks (some might think that he still hasn’t ...but they would be wrong!) For all of these reasons I have always called him Gorgeous (meant to be ironic).

Well, I spotted the perfect Valentine’s card for him. Especially for Gorgeous:

I found it in the Tesco store whilst looking for a ‘darling husband’ card…one that wasn’t too nice (he wouldn’t have believed it!)…and for some reason at the checkout I felt compelled to explain…two Valentine cards! not two men, one is for my alpaca…that will be okay then!!...probably thought that I had been up the sherry aisle.

Look I'm in a holiday can think me mad if you want to...I don't care...the cases are packed. I'll miss him boy!


  1. Made me laugh out loud , good start to the day...

  2. Have a great holiday!
    He deserves the card - lovely boy (Explorer that is - although I am sure Paul deserves his as well!!).

  3. Have a fab holiday Barbara (and Paul). No doubt you will disgustingly brown at the Futurity!

  4. Enjoy your holiday...there's always Skype to keep in touch with your gorgeous boy, but...will your "sitters" agree to this request?!! Alternatively, you could rig up a webcam in the field so that you can keep an eye on him!!

  5. Enjoy your holiday.....and Explorer can always fit in the suitcase...can't he !!....nice Valentines Card....and Im sure Paul doesn't having a younger bit of stuff to cuddle.....Jayne

  6. So romance is not dead in Cumbria then? Great blog - enjoy your holiday. Shirley & Robbie

  7. I'm sure Paul would expect nothing less! Have a great holiday and don't get to sun burnt.