Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Visitors...some of the herd put in more effort than others!

As I said in my last blog we have the pleasure of having Cameron Holt, one of the world's most highly respected experts on fleece evaluation, staying for a few days. Cameron kindly had a look through our herd yesterday and gave his honest opinion. Not all of our decisions have been perfect (has anyone got it right every time? ...no? I guess that person doesn't exist!). We had already recognised a number of things that we want to add or improve within the herd, so we had no real negative surprises.

It would be wrong to use Cameron's opinion for the promotion of individual animals - but suffice to say I could hardly sleep due to excitement. I have to say getting someone impartial, who has the level of skills required, to evaluate your herd is great, as it so easy to get blinkered. I am sure some of his recommendations will become apparent in our herd overtime!

I did have a little chat to the herd to prepare them for the VIP visit. Some took this more seriously than others I have to say:

Hollywood's Attitude had kept himself pretty clean and was looking like the elite stud male that he is. Nimrod was also making a very good effort. I don't know if he has understood what the term wether means? Sorry Nimrod. Looking good....but not good enough!


Roma on the other hand really could not be bothered with visitors and was rather chilled about the whole thing:

Who's this Cameron Holt then?

Sparko!...or very trusting to let me so close!

Luckily I did get some photos yesterday as today is pretty grim. We are getting Jayne's problem with muddy winter gates. The cows will be gone by the end of the week (we do some seasonal grass letting) so that will help. The alpacas are pretty good at not messing up the land thankfully. Now, ponies... they are another thing all together...yes Paul!

Some team photos:
Poppet gets the coat off for good...she is now a month old and well grown with a lovely dense fleece to keep her warm. Lets see if I manage to stick with that decision!

Explorer...getting such a big boy that Camilla is starting to wean him herself. The boy got a good looking over yesterday. Obviously too much so for Mum... as Camilla didn't come in for breakfast with him this morning...something unheard of!

Lucie is really coming along. All of a sudden she appears to be looking much older. A Top Account of Fowberry daughter...she is showing real promise...a true example of an improved female when compared to her dam.


  1. How laid back is Roma?! Sounds like it was a bit like having the local MP visit the primary school, and hoping no-one would say the wrong thing! Very exciting for you.

  2. Sounds like a really exciting visit - for all but Roma!!

  3. Nice to see that the VIP got Roma in a frenzy to be ready looking her best intime.....and she decided to have a lie in.....instead !! a girl after my own heart !!......Jayne