Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Breaking my own rules....Almost illegal?

Firstly I apologise if this becomes rambling. I am suffering from serious sleep deprivation. Not through dreaming about sheep shearers and skirting fleece. No; It is the fault of one small black thing!

I worked a night shift on Intensive Care last night...this always happens; I go in for one shift. It then becomes difficult to say no face to face. I then end up helping out until I have a concrete reason to say no!...anyway I though I would try to get some sleep this morning.

Paul had already left for work so I had a lovely six foot wide bed all to myself. Well so I thought. But no. In the bed with me was:
  • One Yorkshire terrier (Tyke)
  • One black puppy (Velvet)
  • One stuffed Andrex puppy (no nose left)
  • One stuffed toy chicken (no squawk left)
  • One plastic bacon chop (with squawk)
  • And a bone (possibly left from Paul's Lamb Henry)

I gave up when, just as I thought I could possibly dose off someone padded across my head to get a drink from my water glass on the bedside table! Bad idea. No dogs in bed. Paul's rules rule.

I have managed to get some paperwork done (aka as paying bills) and have been out to see the girls in their fresh paddock. The new grass in going down well and Hoity's eyes are healing nicely (the vet rang to check on her yesterday...good follow-up I thought).

The sun has come out after a wet start. So I managed to get some photos of some rather soggy looking alpacas:

Sisterly love. From left: Pepsi Lola (2009), Poppet (2010), Pebbles (2008).

I am really having to discipline myself and not remate Bahati. She has given us three gorgeous autumn born females (above) who have all been around 10 kgs at birth and gone on to do really well. I did say at the beginning of the year that I was going to leave her over until next spring. It makes sense. I must have control...the problem is Anzac Almost Illegal is looking lovely to get his first cria next year!

Some of the contestants in the Beck Brow cria sweet stakes 2010:



The gorgeous one: Explorer looking a bit damp!

Lastly...Happy birthday Paul!

P.S. Can you believe it...what are Tyke and Velvet up to now?...asleep. I feel like Victor Meldrew in drag...aghhh


  1. Great photo of PL, P & P. Brown alpaca noses are the cutest.

  2. Lovely photos!
    Bed time does not sound very relaxing though!
    . . . and Happy birthday, Paul!

  3. Hi Victor, sorry - Barbara, Terrific photos as always - our money is on Poppet! Hope Paul doesn't miss his bone too much. Take care Shirley & Robbie

  4. That was enlightening Barbara, and the picture of the sisterhood is lovely.

  5. I don't believe it !!...what a bedtime exttravaganza !!...the baabies are looking very sweet...Nutmeg has grown...lots she looks like she would blend in nicely here...mind you they all would especially...that 'Super Grumpy' Explorer..he looks more handsome by the day !....have a good sleep...tonight...!!...Jayne

  6. Dogs on beds? Strictly forbidden here, highly dangerous! Great pics, I love Poppet!